Can you identify this leaf problem?

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These brown spots started happening less than 24 hrs after switching to flower nutes, also I for the first time this whole grow sprayed Potassium Bicarbonate mixed with water for the first time less than 24 hrs ago . So those are the 2 things that could have caused this problem.

the ph rose a lot in those few hours, like .5-.7 and the EC went down by .1. Which makes me think they are taking nutrients but that mixture spray I used maybe burned the leaves. I sprayed it pretty heavy and maybe my mixture was too strong? The Ppm’s are way under the recommendation from the nute company which makes me this it wasn’t nutrient burn. Also I upped the coco cal and on another forum I was told that wasn’t the best to do since I’m running tap water I don’t need cococal.

Cultured solutions
Indoors 5x5
Modified banana
12 weeks
LED 660
3 and a half feet from light
Tap, treated for chlorine and air stoned for week
New nutes once a week
6.0 ph ppm500 450 ppm700 630 ec .9 water temp 67-70°
Room 82° and humidity 50%
8 inch net pots 8 gal buckets
No bugs

133ml of bloom a and b x 38 gal
19ml bud booster
76ml cococal and 79 ml of hydro guard


Hydro is notoriously unforgiving if you don't make sure the PH is correct. You set it at 6.0 but then you said "the ph rose a lot in those few hours, like .5-.7 and the EC went down by .1."

I'm guessing your plants only got to eat 0.1 EC of your flowering Nutrients before the PH shot up and ruined it's mood. I would quickly re-adjust your PH to 5.8 and check your PH levels every couple of hours when you start a new batch and then check it once everyday and re-adjust if necessary.
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