it,s nice to cook with cannabis , i use this stuff... you can use it for cake to currys:laugh:

contents in the tub are 1kg of [non salt] butter +250grms of small bud and trimm.. and it,s very strong:laugh:

Texas Kid

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Very nice, I love the way that stuff sets in on ya for a few hours on end....

We do it a little different in that we use about 70-80 grams per stick of butter and then instead of just using it in the cookin process, we use is a spread or a grazy over rolls muffins, cornbread, scones, english muffin, beagel, what ever you migght normally butter is real stoney all day..

the recipe o' canna-butter

Nonono I, ahve the recipe for canna-butter. take 1 garbagebag with trim, stems, big leaves and 5 kilos of butter and water, enough to keep keep evrything foating in the pan and simmer for 2 to 3 days.

The water will steam the THC from the trim and setlle into the butter which floats on top of the pan. (THC joins well with fat molecules.) After 2 or 3 days fish out all the trim (spatula, strain, cheesecloth, preferably in that order) and stikc it inthe fridge. Once hard, scrape the bottom of the butter-brick off and bobs ur uncle.
The butter separates into fat and milk in the pan and because fat floats, the bottom of the brick is a slimy milk product. So make sure u scrape the butter well, for it is the only thing that can make ur green butter go off.

Dont let the watter boil!!!! What ur looking for is a little bubble evry 5 to 10 sec in the side of the pan. If u let the water boil the THC evaporates....

This is the isolator of canna butter!!! 1 teaspoon/25gr of butter is a good dose, per person. Double that, and the lights will get a lot dimmer


1/2 lb. margarine or unsalted butter (2 sticks)
1 oz or more of processed grass
1 medium sauce pan with lid
4 c. water
Cheesecloth (avail @ various grocery and superstores)
1 Large bowl with lid
Plastic wrap (optional)

Place water in pan cover with lid and bring to a boil. Once boiling, add the butter or margarine. Cook with lid off till melted stirring occasionally. Reduce heat to low. Stir in grass till lumps are removed. Replace lid and simmer for about 4 hrs stirring occasionally. Be sure the mixture does not come to a boil. Remove from heat let cool till u can handle it without burning yourself. Prep cheese cloth by placing it in the bowl u have selected so that it completely covers the opening. Gently pour the butter mixture thru the cheesecloth carefully straining the mixture. Remove cheesecloth and spent grass to waste receptacle and put lid on the bowl and place in the fridge overnight. Once firm remove from bowl (sometimes easier said than done) and scrape soft gunk from bottom of the butter and pat dry with paper towel. Now u can place butter in desired holding container. I wrap mine in plastic wrap and place in a wide mouth canning jar in the fridge. If storing for extended periods use the freezer.
This recipe is tailored to make butter for baking and cooking purposes, mildly potent depending on quality and amount of grass used, and no overpowering green taste. Easily adjustable for any amount you want to make. For stronger butter use better quality grass or increase the amount of grass proportional to the amount of water used.

Many recipes to follow:)


What about a double boiler? anybody use one of them, I heard they are the way to go for making butter.


I like that, with a crock pot you can set the temp and really dont have to worry about boiling.
What is a reasonable amount of pot to use for a cookie recipe calling for 1 stick of butter? Is a 1/4gram of bud per cookie reasonable? I've seen some posts that sound a little too strong for me.
good job m8 :rock

i think your bred with butter is saved for the next breakfasts :giggle

also made some butter for a silverstercake ... but not that ammount ... but its always good to have some stash by side :rofl

just made some the other night, used 32g of sparkling trim per 1stick

note: have always added an additional 1/4 stick for any loss in cheesecloth

seems to work like a charm, measuring just right every time

small scoop makes perfectly 2.25" round healing delights

quarter cookie, consistently, is enough for lift-off, add more as needed

potent and delicious :mmm

btw, use betty crocker packaged mix

What is a reasonable amount of pot to use for a cookie recipe calling for 1 stick of butter? Is a 1/4gram of bud per cookie reasonable? I've seen some posts that sound a little too strong for me.

i agree the crock pot is the best way
i leave mine cooking up to 9 hrs on low setting
always use gloves!! when you squeeze the cheesecloth out, man i found that out the hard way:friday:
I use a crock pot and let it simmer for around 7 hr's and this stuff comes out strong:yes
Hi Zoolander,
I just wanted to know how long do you leave it in the potcrock?, how much water are you using?, how much butter or unsalted butter are you using?, and how much grass are you putting in it?...


If you were going to use buds instead of bud and mostly trim? What do you think the recipes would be? Have some NLXBB that looks butter worthy.

Donk Frog

My stuff was simmerin for 4 hours, but i got sidetracked and it went to a boil for about five min ...can I still make the butter or just toss it out?