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I tried making my first batch of Canna-Sugar today and wanted to get some feedback from people that have made this themselves.
Below is the recipe I used:

**NOTICE the last sentence states, when finished it should be gold-ish/light brown in color.

So I doubled the recipe, that’s the only thing I did different. I wanted it to be stronger so I used:
•6g of flower
•1c of 100-proof clear alcohol
•1.5c of sugar

After decarbing the flower, I put the flower into a mason jar and poured the alcohol over it. I let it sit for 20min, shaking every 5min as instructed.
Immediately I noticed the liquid had a pink hue to it…
Now, like I said, this is my first time making Canna-sugar (or tincture, which the steps prior to adding the sugar are the same for tincture).
However, I have made canna-butter, canna-oil & canna-honey numerous times and this has NEVER happened….

SO, my first thought was maybe my flower had some purple to it? I looked, and yes the flower I used this time did have about 50/50 green to purple color ratio.
BUT, since all the recipes online and in my books say it’ll end up being gold-ish/light brown I’m a bit hesitant to use my Canna-Sugar in a recipe until I can get some feedback from other people.
1. Has anyone else had this happen?
2. I did try to do research to see if the canna-sugar will turn certain colors if something is messed up or was done wrong somewhere in the process — with no luck. If anyone has any links to a forum or article that addresses this please, send the info my way!!
3. Since my tincture turned pink-ish as soon as the alcohol hit the flower it makes me think two things:
i. I fu***d up.
ii. It’s simply due to the flower I used.

Here is a picture of the finished product;

Anyone have any thoughts? Information? Suggestions? Personal experience with the same thing maybe?

Thank y’all in advance


It looks beautiful!
Its definitely the anthocyanins from the plants, nothing to worry about unless you NEED it me it looks even better!
Im growin some purple weed and yes the waste water from the bubble hash process was red like wine!!!
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