Ruler of the Whorled
Warning: this post contains images of animal cruelty that may be considered disturbing or shocking to viewers.

The Taskforce (cannabis cops in the Netherlands, cops, local governments, energy co, housing services working together to find and raid grows) found a new method to discover cannabis grows. They asked students at the university of Wageningen to come up with something more effective than collaborator neighbors, flir cams, dogs, drones, the military etc. The system the students developed uses live bees trained to recognize cannabis odor.

6 bees are placed in a cartridge, held in place by a contraption.

The bees are trained to stick out their tongue when they smell cannabis. They essentially created a cannabis lolypop causing the bees to associate the odor of cannabis with sweet sugar. When the bees detect cannabis they stick out their tongue and interupt an infrared beam.


6 of those cartridges are place into what we call a crumblethief, a small handheld vacuum cleaner. They are not very accurate individually but with 36 it supposedly works quit well. Through an app the cops can see how many react.