Cannabis Grower Told To Pay £60k


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A Cannabis grower who produced the illegal plants at his North Lincolnshire home was yesterday ordered to hand over £60,000 or face 15 months behind bars.

Alan Green (47), of Ferry Road East, Barrow Haven, allowed a shed at his home to be used for growing the plants.

Craig Lowe, prosecuting at Grimsby Crown Court, said Green had entered a guilty plea to producing cannabis on a specific basis.

It was a friend who set up the equipment in his outbuilding and tapped into the electricity supply illegally for its production.

The illicit harvest was divided between them and Green used his share of the drug for pain relief, the court was told.

About 30 cuttings were taken. But shortly afterwards his accomplice died and Green then started selling small quantities of the drug to friends.

Green did not keep accurate accounts of his ill-gotten gains, but believed he had made no more than £1,000 from the transactions.

But, Mr Lowe said, the actual agreed benefit was £60,000 and he asked Judge John Dowse to make a confiscation order in that sum.

"The assets of the defendant are in excess of £60,000," he explained.

Nicholas De La Poer, for Green, said his client had a personal investment plan valued at about £40,000.

Police had already seized at least £3,800 in cash and the remainder would be met from the defendant's current account.

He asked for three months to pay, explaining it would take time to cash the investment plan.

Judge Dowse agreed to the request and told Green he would be jailed for 15 months if he failed to hand over the full amount.

Green, a dock worker, was given a 12-month jail sentence, suspended for two years, for the admitted offences of producing cannabis and abstracting electricity.

He was also ordered to pay £300 costs and told it was a condition he resides at his home address for the next two years.

Judge Dowse made an order for the forfeiture of the equipment used to propagate the drug. He told Green: "This offence has cost you a great deal of money."