Cannabis Plant Problem Flowchart

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Dick Terpene

Dick Terpene

Is this stickied for the crack??


This flowchart is very useful but I think it will enrich others if they are explained in good detail. Thanks for sharing.


Good flow chart. I am going to have to looks at this a few times to completely understand everything. I've been following the advice from an article I read on a college website. I am still new so these kind of flowcharts are helpful.


Everyone has to learn by trial and error, a complex flowchart is Great.
I screenshot & edited it, in case. A few
People are having problems with "Drooping leaves!" If they really need ask, they're at stage 1, I'm not an expert, yet, however my drip feeder is cheap and excellent, Additives like Calmag, bone meal, enzyme mix, good reliable fertiliser, PH up/down, as soon as I detect a problem, I usually do tests & end up flushing, which I do every 4 weeks.
We all started somewhere & there are so many different opinions on growing, it's best to ask a grower in California, or research, me, trial and error as it's a hobby.
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