cannabis seed vault? input and thoughts.

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Im someone who collects genetics when my bank acct can afford it. I see lots of the seed places claim they have long storage. But considering how many strains have disappeared in even a 30 year window. or varieties of breeders genetics. Super sativa seed club comes to mind. I often find myself wondering do we have a real centralized cannabis genetic vault? Is there at least some place thats truly doing it to preserve genetics? Seems most are on the commercial side and even though they have been around for a long time. they rely on breeders. Breeders that some times go under. Probably not the most profitable thing to sit on genetics and preserve them. Maybe i havent dug deep enough. Most the genetic vaults i know of are in individuals hands like myself or other breeders with far more stashes of genetics. Gives the appearance at times it seems more commercial than preservationist for some genetic collections. Then there is the case of trusting origins of genetics. by the time they hit 3rd, 4th, 5th party hands. How well can someone trust its the same unless still in sealed packaging(or something of that nature)?

If the future of past genetics was all held in private hands like patents at bayer or monsanto's would that be acceptable for cannabis because some genetics will always be widely available? Like Canada I believe they want you to buy govt seeds and there is limited genetics. Genetics that also dont seem to be inline with other breeders of same claimed genetics to my understanding? Again im going off i cant really find anyone thats so much a true preservation other then seed companies that talk about trying to preserve genetics. my concern like many other crops tends to be the dilution of the genetic pool. The only upside to cannabis is because it was forced underground for so long there has always been a higher genetic diversity available than if it went commercial like most other crops. from 100s of varieties to 10. or 5.

what if a state university started a cannabis seed vault? or by grant started an independent organization to assist them in their cannabis program by storing cannabis genetics as a seed vault. Im not talking like a seeds man to buy seeds. A place where people can submit and get genetics registered and stored. is that too much "big brother" for some? Then possibly to help fund it they use breeding of genetics to ensure viability and sell the excess. Or something to that effect(was discussed as the monetization path).

is someone outright doing this? i see people in the UK but most appear to be commercial vaults/storage. Svalbard seed vault has discussed the non submission of cannabis in the past. But thats more at the upper level of control. Its not really in direct cannabis advocate hands.

what would be the ideal seed vault and preservation for cannabis genetics to you?

input and feedback or things to look into would be great. As lots of legal state universities are adding Cannabis to their AG programs. Id like to see Cannabis hit a mark on the genetic side of academics. the road less traveled. to the greater point.... Would any one see themselves getting a degree specific to cannabis breeding vs growing? or some other specialty we see popping up in the industry. or maybe just added to a cannabis program that also includes breeding and genetics. More than just a brush over as genetics are just where you start the growing.

Thanks -Red
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