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Hello and welcome to Canna Company - "Where your highest dreams comes true".
Let me introduce to you our marketplace.

But first, let me talk about us.
We are a team of tech administrators and coder. A lot of our friends like to smoke, but most of the time, their orders were in bad shape, got bad extras inside their Haze, which was an awful experience or get scammed. That's why we started this marketplace, to fight against bad Products, and this is how everything started.
We offer a variety of Products, such as, Weed, Hash, Edibles and much more. We provide safe trading through our Escrow System and Dispute System. Your Accounts are protected by 2FA, and you can even setup another 2FA with OpenPGP, so on every login you have to solve a text.
As an addition you have the possibility to filter Products by your needs and with the Feedback you are getting an easy way to compare the products on our marketplace. If you have questions, you can open a Ticket or write the Vendor and ask him about his Products.
Every Vendor is welcomed too. You have a lot of possibilities to sell your products and show ads for your products on our page to attract more customers. With Statistics, you are getting an up-to-date overview of your sells and orders. Also, there is an autocomplete for trades, so you don't have to wait for your customers. As a Vendor you can rise up and earn Level which gives you good benefits, such as less escrow fee. For your own safety, your customers can encrypt the Messages via OpenPGP automatically.
In case you lose your Password, you can recover it with a key and access your Account again. Currently we are working and developing new updates for your pleasure.
We have the dream to be the biggest marketplace for cannabis products.
Join today and get high tomorrow.

- 2FA
- Password recovery
- OpenPGP System
- Message System with OpenPGP Feature
- Escrow
- Dispute System
- Trade Autocomplete
- Levelsystem
- Balance System
- Filter System
- Feedback System for Products
- Feedback System for sellers
-Premium Banner and Product System
-Vendor Dashboard with Statistics and Informations
- Payment with BTC and XMR

clearweb - cannacompany (dot) to
TOR - cannas7dtzrmpu44yqzrwyp72gsavuftpvqbqwayrn5p2m3djesq2cqd (dot) onion

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