Cannibus Drying?? Not enough humidity and have read everywhere that you should not put a humidifier in grow tent??? what do i do

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Temp is very important in drying and curing and imo you wanna stay below 70 at all times.

The whole goal is to slow the drying down even if you can only do 7-10days. How you do it is not so important as doing it.

This is interesting. I have not concentrated on controlling temps. But the best results I got were when the temp in that room was steadily below 70 and the humidity was around 60%. I got sloppy last dry and assumed I could get good results without trying. That didn't work out.


Ineeresting read as always from @Auqaman. I am experimenting with a couple of buds in a paper bag each 70 degrees 60% humidity and tested one yesterday at day 7 and it was very smooth but lacked much taste. No hay smell and I have 1 more week of flower to complete to cut and hang whole in tent or closet in darkness. Thanks for the read. SS


Been doing the same method for 10-12 years now. I use a 10 by 12 room, completely dark. Keep humidity in the 50-60% range (aim for 60) with a small cool mist humidifier .usually takes appx 9-12 days depending on bud girth and moisture content to begin with. I’ve always given them some ice cubes (obvs when in soil) for the last day or 2 in complete darkness before chop. I even chop and trim with very minimal light. I then chop the whole plant and hang this way for 7-10 days. I remove large fan leaves and any useless trim . After 7-10 days I gauge the buds by feel and stalk dryness. And any big fat juicy buds that seem much more damp are removed and hung separately . When I feel I have close to adequate dryness I finish trim, then paper bag for appx. 24 hrs (sweating the buds a bit before they go into cure mode) watch carefully that last 24 and remove all that feel much drier and throw them in your jars. Then Jarred up (appx 75-85% full with small hygrometers) 60 days. Only had to use bovedas once and that was a screw up where way too much moisture was removed , even that crop turned out awesome surprisingly . I know you asked about humidity but I figured I’d give everyone my drying process I learned from an old timer about 15 years back , I tweaked it a bit but this tends to always give great results. Hope this helps someone


mostly the same way Aqua said but i use a moisture meter instead of the humidity sensor and i cure in Grove TerpLoc Bags instead of the jars.

when i move to the paper bags after hanging, i just cut the stems and put the stem in the bag with the buds still on, sans leaves. that makes sure the buds dont touch each other like they do when you buck them and i think leaving it on the stem helped slow things.
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