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Fast-growing plants continually develops new root cells on a continuous basis. During
this process plants also reject root elements to remain in, deteriorate and pollute the
growing medium. Dead root cells attract pathogenic organisms, creating harmful moulds
in the root environment that may damage healthy roots . This can be a serious threat to
plant growth.
CANNAZYM is a top-quality enzyme product. It consists of more than 12 different
enzymes and is enriched with vitamins and desert plant extracts. CANNAZYM not only
accelerates the breakdown of dead root materials, (hemi) cellulose, but also transforms
these into minerals and glucose that provide a source of nutrition for the plants.
Fast breakdown of root remains provided by CANNAZYM, reduces rotting considerably
and supports a proper air and soil hydrology in the root environment. A healthy root
environment is crucial to a more efficient nutrient uptake and a high resistance to pathogenic organisms.

Extra health
A number of easily absorbable vitamins are added to CANNAZYM to stimulate root
development. Especially the growth of young growing points is promoted, which is
precisely where important elements like calcium, magnesium and iron are
absorbed.CANNAZYM strengthens the defense systems of fast-growing plants, through
the addition of a substance isolated from desert plants. By activating the plant's defense
system, the protection against pathogenic organisms is improved. The plants can react
quickly to potential harm, preventing or limiting the damage.
Note: do not use in combination with products that contain hydrogen-peroxide


I thought id post it as i get alopt of pm's from peepz asking whats what lol
so i copied it from canna website


I first used cannazym with great results, and when i run out the growshop run out too, so i've got attazym instead, slightly cheaper, didn't apreciate any difference. It's good to use enzymes, specially for lazy growers like me who don't bother washing the roots until ten days from the chop. The roots look clean when using either of them.


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It is a good product i believe....... that and some humtea and you have a golden mix there.


I like regen-a-root will turn brown roots white like nothing else not that my roots are brown lol.:)

I've been using the cannazym for when I recycle the coco!


I like regen-a-root will turn brown roots white like nothing else not that my roots are brown lol.:)

I've been using the cannazym for when I recycle the coco!
yep regen a root is tryed n tested here 110% over the moon with it .



Yeah its only 1ml per litre as well so a litre lasts very well.

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Yeah man try it but the price of Canna a&b would be hard to beat i'd imagine, i paid less than £35 for 5ltr of each the a&b, Cheap as chips.


i use it along with silcon+ , its bloody expensive to use but then i dont get root rot so for that its a bargain , 2 yrs now without any rotton roots ( in hydro that is ) says alot


to right , im so temped to use they coco nutes next . havnt seed a grow anyware yet with it .
A friend of mine ran the complete line up a while back, I am going to try using the wilt guard along with the regen-a-root next time, its meant to keep the plants very healthy.


I've been using SensiZym with good results in my soilless mix of wormcastings,coir & perlite....

Advanced Nutrients Sensi Zym is a super concentrate of over 80 different enzymes, each having specific functions that enhance plant and root growth (Our competitors use only a small amount of enzymes, 12 or less).
Enzymes can do in seconds & minutes, what would take normal plant functions days and weeks to accomplish. Sensi Zym breaks down dead root mass, starches, carbohydrates and nutrients which accelerate plant growth as well as assist beneficial Bacteria growth.
Advanced Nutrients Sensi Zym enzymes help to catalyze water and assist the transfer of water elements to specific sites. Other enzymes speed up the regulatory process within the plant, and still other enzymes help in cell replication.
Advanced Nutrients conducted extensive research to develop an enzyme product that has a stable shelf life (18 months). We analyzed all our competitors products and found that several had totally inactive enzymes due to their very short shelf life.
Enzymes are measured in units of activity - Sensi Zym has the highest units of activity, in fact, three times as much as our nearest competitor. All the competitors enzyme products are made for breaking down of dead root material. Sensi Zym does this as well but also provides enzymes that are a catalyst for total plant and root development.

Re-use your soiless medium and get a bigger yield.

Sensi Zym contains nearly 100 different enzymes that immediately start breaking down root zone components into nutrients while accelerating nutrient uptake of starches, carbohydrates, and other elements necessary for rapid growth and high yield.

Sensi Zym accelerates growth of beneficial growth-stimulating microbes when used with Voodoo Juice, Tarantula and Piranha.

Sensi Zym helps crops utilize water and water-borne elements, which increases growth, yield and drought resistance. Sensi Zym speeds maturation, cell replication, and harvest production. Enhanced enzyme activity means better, faster hydroponics harvests.

If you want to decrease root zone material expenses, apply Sensi Zym to used rockwool, coco coir or other hydro media. Sensi Zym’s enzymes will digest all dead protein matter (including dead roots), and turn it into nutrients for your next hydroponics crop.

This decreases pathogenic infection and allows you to use your root zone media over and over again! So now you know why you need enzymes. But remember, only Sensi Zym gives you faster growth, better resistance to diseases and stress, and larger harvests.
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