Caring for remaining pollinated branches after buds are cut down

Hi everyone, first post here.

I have an outdoor Cheese Kush clone in a 5 gal pot that I pollinated 1 single branch of buds with a male
that grew from seed.

It seems that since the rest of the plant is ready for harvest here in southern Ontario in late September, I
want to know the best way to care for the pollinated branch that will be left to continue to develop the seeds
as they are well behind in development than the normal non-pollinated buds.

Is there any experienced tips from breeders here that can advise on the best environment for this lone branch.

Since there is no normal bud left to care for in the traditional manner, is there any different lighting, nutrients,
or other procedures that can help the seeded branch develop to full maturity.

For example, could I bring the plant inside now that its colder outside so that warmer temps promote faster/better growth,
and at the same time can I put the single branched plant under indoor lighting with a longer photo period to promote
better seed growth or will a longer light period cause re-vegging that could deactivate the seed growth stimulation.

Is there a special nutrient solution/ratio and/or watering schedule that is best for seeded plants only.

I hope I have explained the advice I am looking for and thanks for anything that is offered as I do not see much
on this online.

Cheers guys
i wouldnt change light schedule,far as feeding keep the same as you have,the plant is use to it,just watch your remaining leaves,same as you would a reg grow,yes to indoors but dont change light schedule,if you go over 12 it gonna revert,unless you want it to reveg.
this is main reason i pollinate the whole plant,then let the plant eat it self to a seed harvest,are the remaining leaves still green?
Thanks for the reply, ya the leaves on the buds are still fairly green, and some turning purple last week or 2.

Some fan leaves yellowing now last week or so too.

Another question just came to me about what I'm doing.

I've heard alot of good things about putting the plant in a dark period of 24-48 hrs before chopping. Sounds fine but if I have 1 pollinated branch that will not get chopped yet to continue developing seeds, will that prevent me from putting the plant in a dark period for 24hrs or will the seeded branch be ok for 24 hrs in the dark then I can just chop the rest and keep the seeded branch going till done back in a normal 12-12 light environment?

Will a 24 hr dark period harm the seed development process to the point where its not worth it.