CBD and CBG hemp as an addition to your smoking regiment

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New,Gwan the keeper of the trees...available soon.
So I bought some organic CBD flower to see what it was going to add to my day.
Hemp is hopefully going to become legal to grow at home some day and not count against the other plants.
Some of the strains I smoked actually had some kind of a flavor and atleast one had a pretty nice smoke brah.
Why smoke CBD and CBG bud with your dab or cannabus flower? Because it adds more terps and the CBD and CBG can be a nice palate cleanser and sometimes a stabilizer.
I found it to be a nice addition when I had smoked a lot of cannabus and was feeling discontent.
I recommend you terp hunt with your CBD and CBG selection for terps you know work with you. Just a couple pulls off a pure CBD joint was super uplifing on my mind and forsur helped with cutting down the anxiety and making it so I could smoke more and really saturate my body in the terps.

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