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Hello farmers
Im in the process of setting up a new location to move into shortly. I have al the equipment for a 10 light flip system .my rooster will be roughly 25 ft long by 14 ft wide. I want to run a sealed environment using co2 burners and unvented hoods. I understand I need about 5 tons of cooling and wanted to know if anyone has any experience setting up am ac unit that can service both rooms so I don't have two buy two separate units. Same goes with the co2 burner


It's easy. If you have 5 lights in each room, then you need a 2.5 or 3 ton. If you have 10 lights in each room you need a 5 ton.

You need to install a 2 zone system. Put the air handler in one of the rooms, horizontally hung by unistrut. Use 16 inch supply ducts and 18 inch return ducts, run one set to each room. You must get a honeywell zone controller and put a thermostat in each room. Each duct must have a damper, so you have 4 dampers total. Each room must have a thermostat and is controlled by temp. The dampers are controlled by the thermostat.

You can only run 1 room at a time, so 12/12 schedule.

Let me know if you have any specific questions. This is my specialty.


Did central duct split system for each room here. Anything over 2 lamps seems pointless with a mini split. If you use a single system with movable dampeners with dual controls. Place a UV air filter to clean any kind of junk in the air to keep each room clean from spreading a problem. Another thought, more complex things are or more things that move....the more possibility something can go wrong.

Try to keep things simple too.
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