It's cheaper to make your own.i bought a turbo klone and kicked myself when i realised all it was was a $20 pump with a few spray jets.the wee bit that attaches to the pump with the sprayers can be bought on ebay for $30/40.the turbo kloner does work well though.
what continent u on?there's some decent ones if your in the uk but if in the US and don't wanna make your own there's the turbo Klone or ez clone.both will do the job just fine.
Make yourself a bubbler system for it.

I’ve taken a small storage container, drilled holes in the lid for aerogarden plastic pod pieces to fit in. Then add a large enough air stone to distribute the air across the bottom.

Spent maybe $20 on it. Container w/ lid , air pump, stone, air line.
looking for cheap cloner to start plants for dwc, 24 site minimum
If youre going to make your own look at a basic cheap (no aeroponic) prpogator. Measure the clear plastic lid so you can find a rectangular storage box (for it to sit on) for your reservoir and its lid for the pucks to sit. I couldn't find a cheap manufactured one anywhere. Plenty of good home builds on you tube. Good luck