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Hey everybody,
ArcticOrange here, winter is starting up here in the northern latitudes but that doesn't discourage us. We like our buds as frosty as our car windows in the morning ;). Got a few things going on right now: working on getting a new room built, 4 seedlings, probably getting rid of two at least as I think I've finally figured out what they are and my only interest in them is seeing if I can do a better job on them than the guy I got the buds from, I've got one in soil 5.5 weeks old that's been topped once and is under my screen. Running a 600w mh for veg in a blockbuster hood powered by a solis tek 600, and seedlings are under the HO t5s. This isn't my first rodeo but I wouldn't say I have alot of experience either. I'll be posting a journal more in depth of what I've got going on. Future projects include Some seeds I have around here. Northern Lights 5 x haze from sensi and sugar black rose x afghan #1 (bred by a friend using sensi's afghan and delicious seeds SBR). Please stop by and say hello or put you $.02 in.

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