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Hello there!!!

im growing el ninio, cheese and g-bomb strains and they suddenly had some leaf symptoms

maybe you expert growers can help me

growing from seed

3 month old plants

50 cm tall

im using 2 liter pots (i want to make this my moms)

My soil mix uses peat moss, wood, foam, gravel, ashes, egg crates

i water once a week tap water ph 7

Foliar feed nutripro Forte organic NPK 1.8 -1- 1.2 with micronutrients guano and algae

I use sun and complement with 7000 lumen fluorescent

Plants are 20 inches away from fluorescent light

vegetative room size is 4 sq feet

room temp 79f 35RH

i dont have soil ph measure (a reader is on the way)

insect activity: few white flies which are getting neem oil

:smiley_joint: thank u in advance growers!!!!


Bigger pots, and better soil would help right away. Are you ONLY foliar feeding? They would benefit from root feeding too.

20" is too far away with the floros, they should be as close as possible without burning the leaves, and thats normally a couple/dew inches.

All in all, not looking that bad. They look like they need more space and food right away tho. Grow on.


Thank u for the kind reply likeakite

i flush em 1 a month and i apply some humus, i ill start root feeding 1.8 - 1 - 1.2 i use 3 ml per liter of water, u think i should rise the nutrient amount for rooting?

My main light provider is sun, so i only use cfl as suplementary light, they get 12-13 hours of sun and 3-4 hour cfl, just to keep em in vegetative, anyway ill raise em to catch more light


they not bad yeah increase the nuts u feed to the roots she looks like she is hungry for some nitro


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At 3 months old, I would at least be in 15 lts by now, esp if they are to be moms.


plants have been repotted and they look good, i used pure organic soil

thank u!!!:very_first_smiley:
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