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Hey everyone,

Just wanted to warn anyone considering buying some CBD genetics to stay away from Cheyenne Mountain Seed Company. It's one of the few online vendors in the U.S. that is selling CBD seeds in small amounts to the homegrower.

I purchased their Quick Kush S1 with high hopes. After a week of receiving no confirmation (no email or anything) of my order I called the company and after a few tries someone finally answered with a brash "Yeah?". Apparently this was the owner, Bill and he didn't know anything about my order. He ended up having to call me back letting me know that he will be shipping my order out soon... It was unbelievably bad customer service.

I brushed this aside still excited to grow the strain out. That is until I got to September and the plant is still very early in flowering.

Below are some highlights of the description on their site:

"Our Quick Kush hemp strain finishes quickly with large frosty calyxes that reek of kush-like dankness.
  • early September-October harvest window
  • expect 2 lb – 5+ lb yield per plant
  • very structured frosty flower with dank fragrance
  • consistent and stable S1 hemp strain phenotype"
I wouldn't be so disappointed with the strain if it wasn't for the fact that every other strain I have is doing fantastic. They all have the same growing medium and are being fed the same nutrients. And I don't think it's a bad phenotype as I have two of these growing and they look identical.

Attached are a couple photos of the Quick Kush and another of an additional CBD strain by Alpine Genetics which I cannot recommended highly enough.




I felt that I needed to report this just so someone else doesn't have to go through the same experience and waste their time growing crap genetics. This so called CBD strain looks like a straight up sativa. Everyone who has seen it didn't believe me when I said it's an early finishing CBD strain.

P.S. Buy Alpine Genetics by Thomas! :)


I think you might be putting too much stock into the appearance of the plant. It's a sativa based on what? Leaf structure? There's nothing to say at this point whether the Cheyenne stuff is THC dominant, and it's still possible for that plant to pop some trichomes and develop into a respectable CBD plant.

That being said, with the service that you've gotten and the way they describe their products, I wouldn't be overly enthusiastic to run their stuff. The buds are ..."very structured?" With a two pound harvest minimum? And a whole month of "it might be ready around then?" That's some amateur hour shit.
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