Cirrus 400TL LED Growl light

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Make and Model: Cirrus 400TL
High bay warehouse / greenhouse horticultural lighting fixture with ample head room
Power draw at wall: 433w
Diodes used: 499 per board. 998 per lighting fixture. Top bin 2700K & 4000K Samsung LM301H Diodes, Osram 660nm Deep Red, Osram 730nm IR and LG 385nm UV. Kelvin of 3150.
LED driver: Inventronics dimmable with chilled led dim pods.
At 21-22w/sq ft: ppfd 1500-2200 @ 30”

This light never made it to retail as Cirrus LED made a business move to liquidate their LED grow line and concentrate on their high resolution LED display pods and hubs. These lights as you can imagine didn’t last long at the liquidation price of 70 / unit. I was lucky to make it to their warehouse in Portsmouth, NH and pick up 10 of there 400TL’s and 2 of their reflex UV light supplement bars. The only place I know you can find them still is eBay for 275/unit which is still a bargain if anyone is interested.
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