Citrus fruit that produces THC

this is some pretty crazy shit if it can be done to citrus trees it should be able to be done to other things. I would love to get some seeds.
High Times > A Florida Biochemist Designs a Citrus Tree with THC

Im also wondering if this will have other implications like cross pollination to a regualar plant will it pass on the trait if so what happens if they get loose in say a major orange producing orchard. But still very cool keepin the gov on thier toes.

Texas Kid

Some guy with a light
Excellent post, I have even seen where they have crosses a luminecent/phoshorescent(glow in the dark) gene into cannabis and made a plant that would literally glow in the dark...

Oh shit, better see how we can regulate it and continue to make criminals out of common folks....when will it stop........they told him to stop sending the seeds out becuase there is no law yet..WTF??? don't do it for now so we can make up a law to regulate your civil liberties...good ol USA...