Cleaning/Disinfecting, what's your process?

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If I had to pick 2 things I dislike about growing it would be trimming and cleaning.

I just finished trimming my last plant, just started germinating 6 Frostette seeds, and now the only thing left to do is clean and disinfect.

What's your process and what products do you use to clean/disinfect your tent, pots, equipment, tools, etc.?


With me it depends on whether I had any bug issues. I’ve only had them twice, spider mites once and thrips once. In those cases I sprayed the tent, soils, tools, everything with pyrethrum. Waited a week, did it again . Then a week after that I spray a mild bleach solution. If it’s just after an uneventful grow, a mild bleach solution, kills mold, mildew, bug eggs, and most importantly, stray pollen!


What's your process and what products do you use to clean/disinfect your tent, pots, equipment, tools, etc.?
I allow for a week or so between runs in the tent to do both cleaning and reconfiguring. I try to keep the tents clean during the grow, so hopefully I won't have much cleaning to do. I start by vacuuming up stray dirt and leaves. Then I wipe the inside clean with a mild detergent or cleanser like Pine-Sol. I also clean the sensor probe and wires. I'll also clean the humidifier and change the filter.

I clean and sterilize the cutting tools every time they're used. I use CitraSolv for removing the sticky stuff and alcohol for sterilizing.

I turn the pots inside out and spray with a garden hose.
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Get a good sprayer and a cheap source of Isopropanol, and cover everything, twice. ;)

Bleach on pots, tools and most surfaces should be washed after it dries. Alcohol is so much easier and does just as well... and it dissolves resin. :D Peroxide can is also great for disinfection, but also a lot more dangerous!! At work we often used Sanidate for heavy sanitations, which is peroxide based. Ventilations is required however.

I agree with Love, wash your pots with water, soap if you want, then sanitize once dry.

Alcohol is even safe enough to use on yourself and clothes... just watch the face. Lol

As long as you have proper ventilation, soak it all down. Get it everywhere, in every nook and cranny, it'll evaporate eventually.

And don't forget to clean your reflectors and walls for maximum reflectivity! :)


Good thread. Trying to grow perpetual. Been having some bug issues.

I need to get into my tents for a deep clean 👊
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