Wanted Cloning cannabis from root cutting?

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I have an awsome outdoor, in ground-plant I want to clone. It's about four weeks into flower. (Sheesh)The thing is I didn't know it was gonna be this dank as I found it growing in my front lawn from a seed my buddy tossed so I didn't clone it before vacation. Took fan leaf cuttings. But I've only ever had one successfully grow out ever ( It had a knode on its stem, mutant I beleive.) So yea those chances are almost nil. Could I cut off flower from branch leaving a few leaves and root then re-veg her? Could I take root cuttings and grow those out? ( did that successfully with poppys). I also thought perhaps when its finished I could leave some on the plant, dig it up pot it and try to reveg her that way. Moral of the story: back up genetics by cloning when I top in the spring, I know. ips though, or experiences or thoughts or ideas? Thanks y'all. And have a good day!


Yes, you can clone a flowering plant, but depending on strain, the success rate is a lower.

Take several cuts and hope one will make it. If they make it they will look ugly for a number of weeks and they will reveg — putting out branches every which way.
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