[Closet tent] Topped OG Kush photoperiod on 12/12 using pH 6 tap water and no nutes

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Closet tent topped og kush photoperiod on 1212 using ph 6 tap water and no nutes

She’s looking great. I’ve always been afraid of using tap water for some reason and avoided it, but it appears the plant doesn’t give a shit and actually loves it. I’m about 2 weeks into flower so the next month is the bread and butter of growing cannabis.

A few notes:

— The soil I’m using is an entire bag of Indicanja

— My watering schedule isn’t entirely consistent, I lift the pot up and if it feels light I water it

— Sometimes I eat magic mushrooms and hold onto her leaves and tell her I love her

— I’ve found I really dislike trimming. I feel like the less I trim, the more the plant flourishes and pushes out great flower across the entire plant. Unless I’m topping or trimming dead/dying leaves, I don’t touch the plant with a scissors.

— Temps in the tent range from about 65–78 degrees and the humidity is usually between 35% to 45%.

I’ll probably post again here in about 2–3 weeks with an update.

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