CO2 Tank Questions

I'm new to co2 .. bought a 25lb tank and a regulator .. looking for a controller right now but don't have alot of spending money left.. what are some options? got the tank really cheap.. time to do my research.

everything is sealed in plastic.. easy air control .. just need to figure out how to incorporate this system into my current flood system..

any pointers when dealing with co2 and what not i should know..

You mean a 20lb tank. The cheapest controller I know is C.A.P. PPM-4 @ $199+$13 Shipping

Your regulator probably doesn't have a relay on it though. You should seriously consider getting a Active Air CO2 System Kit. It comes with everything you would need and want.

I don't know where you got your tank, but if it was used for welding you will want to expel it and get it filled with beverage industry grade CO2, not welding CO2 (too dirty). Refills cost $24 usually, you are going to do it weekly anyway. Otherwise return them and go to a hydro store and get a hydrofarm tank. You may have to return the regulator anyway.

The system/kit comes with a timer. This way you can set the CO2 to only run while the lights are on. I have mine on 45 minutes and off for 45 minutes during the 12 hour light schedule. I get about 6-7 days out of it before a refill is needed. If you don't use a timer, it will take 2 days to drain the tank.

If you get the kit READ THE INSTRUCTIONS before you do anything.
Thank You for the info.. Co2 is new and strange to me so far... Doing my research and trying to spend as little money as possible..

that controller you sent looked nice and it's about the cheapest yet... mainly concerned about keeping the proper level and having everything kick on and off like it should..

i was considering using just a meter to tell me what the CO2 levels are.. and just time it out and try and by pass using a controller.. just using a timer and a meter.. sounds like a lot of work...

Oh yea this is Beverage Co2 .. Used at a bar.. Been refilled at our local grow store.. Cost about $15 bucks .. so not so bad there..

That Active Air Kit looks awesome .. but i have a regulator and timer stuff... mainly just need tubing and a system or controller that can keep me at the right levels..

would you think my meter / timer idea would work... or would it be too much of a pain?

Working on getting some Pictures of it .. should be up shortly
Yes, just plug the solenoid into a timer. I would set the flow to .5 cf/h - .7 cf/h.

I have a controller that monitors the ppm level of the CO2. In addition to being on/off every 45 minutes my controller turns the relay off (when timer is on) when room hits the set point. Other wise the room could go up to 2000+ ppm.

We timed ours to take about 12 minutes to bring room CO2 up to 1500 ppm. You could probably get away with 15 minutes on and 45 off, etc or some variation. Make sure its off during the dark cycle!

You could buy this tubing too - 20' Tubing @ $13 suggested retail
thanks for the info... i'll let you know what i come up with.. i'm going to grow the flowering plants somewhat small but really plump is my plan. .. sounds like i'm looking for a good meter so i can keep an eye on the levels..

love trying new things.. i hear CO2 makes a huge difference .. not just a small one but like 20% or more density ..

i'll be flowering in the next week or so.. when all my clones get some bigger roots...