Coco And Potassium

hi. was wondering if any of you farmers out there have ever tested your coco medium for potassium content at different points throughout a cycle. I know the innate potassium content is there and have researched on cannabis boards and science papers, but have yet to really find an answer as to how much is actually present and how much the medium gives off in a 3 or 4 month cycle after Ca and Mg have displaced it on the exchange sites. Have seen it written to be anywhere from 20 -100 ppms. It seems that for every formula exclusive to coco and people using it, that there is an equal amount of folks using ferts that do not seem to account for residual k. I realize mj has a wide nutrient band it can perform in, but i was just wondering.....
Coco ppm ranges from 500 to 250. Some brands add calmag these days. I assume if you buy if from the specialty hydro store it should have this info on the bale, if not on their website. Any coco high is K is going to be high in sodium too. I think most people just rinse it out and call it good.
Canna coco in the bag is pre rinsed and doesn’t have any ppm. That’s my go to from now on. I’ve had to rinse any other brand at least 3 times to get the ppm under 200.

I’ve never tested my coco during the grow.