Is there anybody that is familiar with the soil Coco Loco made by foxfarm
I’ve used it before. It was presented as “coco” from my hydro store when I was shopping for my first indoor grow. However, I didn’t read the bag and proceeded to begin multiple daily waterings (with nutes). Needless to say but I burned the shit out of my plants. Nitrogen toxicity from hell. So my advice for coco loco is to treat it like soil with better drainage. So no nutes for the first month or so. Then a water/water/feed schedule as the pot gets light.
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Yeah thanks I appreciate the information I made the same mistake when I bought it I wasn't paying attention didn't read it and thought it was just regular cocoa and got home open it up and figure it out this isn't Coco this is mixed with soil
So basically it works just like foxfarm ocean Forest it's already has new nutrients in it. I'll post picture since I put them in the Coco that really haven't grown any bigger
Sort of. It has coco, aged forest products, perlite, earthworm castings, bat guano, Norwegian kelp meal, oyster shell and dolomite lime. All that is good stuff, but should only be given water until the plant consumes it. You should see an increase in growth after they’ve settled. With the increased drainage, you can water more often, which spurs growth.