coffeeshop voyager has new owners

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mr. haze420

this coffeeshop has changed hands and is now run by people who smoke, here are some pix of the menu and interior. it is located on the corner of oz kolk and gelderskade, near central station. had some of there purple kush, very tasty and strong.
cool, came back friday from a 4 day trip to the dam my first time, never checked this place out unfortunetly

Green Supreme

That bong looks nasty. Cool menu, thanks for sharing. Peace GS
Proper back street coffeeshop there MrHaze, will be over soon to see you my old friend and hope to check out this back alley shop and get sum smoke, looks old school:)
looks awesome and a great selection of meds. just wondering if you know anything about the coffeeshops being closed to tourists, mr.haze? has this started happening yet to any shops?
just got back from holland, spent most of the week in dam and most of the time in voyagers!! good bud good people and dont have the feeling you smoking in some ones basement with low lights :)
i recommend to any one going to check this place out!
owners from manchester andy and louise , lovely poeple and their cat looks like my sons cat . smoke of the week their menu . og 18 , he had tester strain lemon larry x sour d = super sour lemon , silver bubble good pheno , sogouda was nice . kand kush was nice aswell. for me this coffeeshop has passed grey area and the rest for the title .)
super sour lemon is alright but not too strong
kandy kush very good
reliable moroccan too

great coffeeshop
super lemon haze is a good deal for 10E/g

sour power was a nice sour diesel

I like this shop, always nice stuff well grown. One of the rare !
Stopped in during the Cup last year, mellow atmosphere and loved the shop's pet cat. Only down fall is that the shop wasn't open a lot :( The varieties carried were great just wished they were open more.