Combined law effort yields 2,036 lbs. of marijuana

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In a joint law enforcement effort with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), the District Attorney’s Highway Interdiction Officer, and Live Oak County Sheriff’s Office, they were able to confiscate 2,036 pounds of marijuana hidden in two pickups with “Schlumberger” marked on their doors, said Live Oak Sheriff Larry Busby.

Busby said an officer from Jim Wells County called to alert Live Oak County officers that they had stopped a truck marked with Schlumberger on the doors that was carrying hundreds of pounds of marijuana in the bed and truck box. The officers believed another similarly marked truck was heading north and could possibly be on FM 3162.

Live Oak County Deputy Joey Rodriguez was in the vicinity of FM 3162, which is 15 miles south of George West, and goes across to Lagarto when the call came in. He located the truck on FM 3162. “When the driver of the truck saw Rodriguez he turned off the road and bailed out,” said Busby. ICE officials sent a helicopter from Corpus Christi to help search for the suspect but he was not caught continued Busby.

The recovered pickup contained in excess of 1000 pounds of marijuana hidden in a truck box and under some plywood in the bed of the truck. “The total amount of marijuana from both trucks marked Schlumberger was 2036 pounds,” said Rodriguez. The drugs were turned over to ICE said Rodriguez.

Busby said in addition to the two trucks there was a passenger car driven by a woman that was suspected of being a scout for the drug runners. Busby said she was stopped by George West police.

“As the drug bust was started by ICE, the officers turned everything over to them,” concluded Busby.


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Haha, Thats funny cuz i used to work for sclumberger!


I know someone in TX who got busted with 150lbs of regs using a similiar technique idiots.
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