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I was a little premature on the excitement there for the neon green growth. it has proven to be lighter hue and the First few stages of phosphorus poisoning.
Prior to moving the move into the bloom tent I did a transplant into the 2gal pots. I mixed in high P seabird guano as a medium buffer in advance of flowering.
Unfortunately, it seems that the SFVxHH is a but more sensitive to the fertilizer. The other plants in the bloom tent are loving the dosage of P, but I have to dial it in for the San Fernandos.
Be well and grown fatties


Happy turkey day friends.
so still having some nutrient issues here with the San Fernando valley x headband Hashplant. As you can see neon greens, yellow,s, seven a few browns and purples. It’s just how it goes for my first grow with the plant. Takes a few go arounds to really figure out what the genetics want.
flower sites have shorter pistils and not as much bulk to them as the other plants in the tent. all good. That’s why I love this hobby, trying to perfect the imperfectable. we just get a little closer each time.
be well and grow on,


So that’s my bad everyone!
the grow that I stared to document above is now in the jar below. Oops totally skipped the porno shoot of flowers. But good news all around, I learned a good amount about this San Fernando x Headband Strain.

As you can see I haven’t totally dialed in the nutrients quite yet for these. The final pictures are two plants in the bloom chamber. Again a little of the P/K burn.

but the first pictures of the vegg plants, are going much better. Youll hear people say it, that it takes three growing cycles to really learn what a strain needs. I’ll keep plugging along with these plants.

Looking forward tot he change of Seasons Soon, and getting to put some of these ladies outdoors.


Some updated pictures of the plant from my last post. I am really happy with how the SFVxHH is turning out. The smoke was very pleasant, fast hitting, and average length of high. these were definitely fucked up during the veg cycle, looking back over my notes and pictures I’m pretty sure, I gave them the lock out then the nute burn. 🔥 it happens to the best of us. But finishing it off, no were near high yield but looks like maybe an oz or two on the plants.

In my veg then, I have these two sea monsters right here. I recently cloned them (more on that in a minute). But they had some CaMg issues that I have fixed. And they are just wonderful to behold about 2 feet tall. I just need a little more room inthe bloom tent and they are off and running toward the finish.

Lastly are my SFVxHH clones. clipped a week ago. Doing awesome. the trick is really making sure that the stock you are clipping Is a minimum 1/8 inch. More or less guaranteed survival. I’ve noticed a 50% survival on smaller diameter stems.
I encourage anyone who is struggling with clones or just want to post their newest clone here please do.

Come Grow with Me.
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