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its been quite awhile guys. hows everyone been? Glad to be back from the long time away.

When i first joined THCFarmer it was nothing but bad news and really, i couldnt grow a plant. It was a rough time. I was like the forum joke, and i mean, that was cool. Hahaha. Ive worked pretty hard the past couple months tweaking and turning certain things and ive made some progress i think im ready to show off. No, nothing amazing, but for me, its amazing progress. For those who dont know, click on my profile and check out my posted content. you can see my HORRIBLE HORROR STORIES of trying to grow this plant. Im not even going to post links anymore because those days are long gone.

I Figured i would post here, in hopes i can get some motivation going to keep a diary going and keep a nice journal. So i dont know whether to consider this a grow diary or just a simple update post, a picture gallery???? but here it goes.

No, im still not a pro, im still learning. My plants have lost alot of leaves, im still learning nutrients, but as you can tell through the pictures, my plants continue to get better as i continue to learn and get comfortable. So, no fucking judging my plants. LMFAO.

I have been away for a bit as the flu Pandemic progresses, i become more busy, and more and more busy busy at work, its extremely hard for me to keep up with THCFarmer currently, as i currently even struggle to have the energy to water my plants after a 14 hour day. So updates MAY BE SLOW but ill try to keep the thread up to date with what i have going on, please bear with me!

Alright alright shut the hell up with the BS cosmo, here comes the grow.

What im running?

4x4 Flower tent. 2x HLG Quantum board 288s v1's (Credits To basscaptain for this EPIC fucking setup. i couldnt be happier, really. I got them at a KILLER price on sale.)
along with a meizhi 450w blurple.

I am running somewhat of a perpetual grow, im having trouble timing things right because of my laziness after work.

I dont know any strain names, i am still running a bunch of seeds i bought from random seed sites that got mixed together. I have some citrol sledgehammer that will be ran soon, i am excited.

3 plants, currently. Just lost one due to hermie. Which i will post later on. I did a bunch of shit wrong, completely my fault. I could have done better.
Just harvested one.

2x4 Veg tent, mars hydro unfortunately. If you know me, you know their not my gotos. But ay, decent tent, so whatever. Running about 300-400 watts from the wall, this tent needs some upgrading, ill get there. I slowed down the grow ALOOOOOTTTTT, with the pandemic around, so i currently only have one in veg, BUT, we got 3 seedlings coming in. Citrol Sledge!


yeah, her trainings all fucked up.

A cheap generic 600w led, pushing about 120 from the wall, and then a kingLED 1000w, which pushes about 200-300? i think? I dont even remember. Maybe not even that much. its shit.

My recent loss: i harvest her early waiting to dry and see what i can press out on my dabpress:


Nanners started popping up EVERYWHERE. i fucked up the heat, i fucked up the nutrients, i fucked up lighting, i did everything wrong, and it showed.
Harvested early. Going to put her through the presser.

Most Recent Harvest Results:
IMG_20200406_225441224 (1).jpg
IMG_20200406_134256499 (1).jpg


Last but not least... i saved the best for last. This is my current grow, and currently, the biggest crown nugget i HAVE EVER GROWN, so lets enjoy it together.



hahaha i know, i got you guys all hyped up for some huge nugget and i give you this, hahaha idc im getting better.

So there is where i am at, i havent been on THCfarmer in maybe a month or more, and ive been really excited to give an update. I have to get trimming, i look forward to discussing grows with everyone!

Tonight is watering night, More nutrient learning.
Did i miss something in my post? Ask away guys.


Great to here from ya! Looks frikken awsome I’m there ! Ur way to hard on urself ! That’s nice lookin bud! And isn’t great to smoke ur own creation ? Lol can’t beat the price ! PlUs ya got a press , totally self sustainable!



And more added to the collection.
Okay, now i just cant keep up with whats coming in. Crazy, from not being able to grow a plant to not being able to keep up with what you grew. xD
I always have an issue somewhere, i guess its good issues though LOL!! im not complaining!


Appreciate it all guys! Wouldnt be here without thcfarmer, for sure.

Great to here from ya! Looks frikken awsome I’m there ! Ur way to hard on urself ! That’s nice lookin bud! And isn’t great to smoke ur own creation ? Lol can’t beat the price ! PlUs ya got a press , totally self sustainable!

@Moshmen, ive got to say, it feels FANTASTIC LOL. Smoking my own wax is just to me a once in a lifetime thing - That i can do ALL the time now. Which is dope!!
Ill keep pics coming as i get some of this newer harvest pressed. Going to try and lower the temps on the plates. Last wax was pressed at 190. Going to do a 180 press in a lower micron bag. Ill keep em coming!

Burned Haze

Well I’m subscribed and want to see this journey bro !
Keep it up and looking good


Well I’m subscribed and want to see this journey bro !
Keep it up and looking good
Its nice to see the improvement within yourself. From not being able to get out of seedling stage, to having a perpetual running grow completely, im pretty proud of myself.
It's very motivational.


Well, for the third time in the past two weeks, were about to have another winner. Going to give her another night or two, let the bottoms finish up a little bit more.
The harvest closet is full, so i really dont have anywhere to put this next plant, well, i do, but my ocd wont allow me to put more in the closet, i want to keep airflow good in there, im going to setup a separate tent for this plant.

Seedlings are now started for the next cycle, a girl gets moved into flower in the next coming days and dang, these wheels are rolling. I was finally able to get some Citrol Sledgehammers started, so now its official, im out of the random seeds, and i know what im growing. LOL.


Shes being a little stubborn and doesnt want to finish up. I'm pretty happy with the yellowing on this one though, i feel like i did decent towards the end gauging the nutes. Ill get better at that.


I feel like an opera meme,

"and you get an N Tox, and YOU get an N TOX, AND YOU GET AN N TOX!"
we live and we learn. This is fun though, ive got to say.


Tad blurry, but i am pretty, i dont know, im on the fence about this recent harvest, it looked so nice and now its drying out,.. ehh... airy. again. Not to shabby though. You guys know im always holding my beginner self to a high standard lol.

Ill be back with a harvest update soon.
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