Confused About Air “scrubbers”.

When purchasing a carbon filter for my new grow I was looking at filters and some were called scrubbers. Now are air scrubbers the type of filter that you do not vent and just leave in the growing area and it will sort of cleanse the air or does that also vent out an external hole from The grow room or tent in my case? If there is something that stays within the box itself I would prefer that rather than having the fan noise come out of the box. I do understand I do need ventilation in my grow box but I’m just curious about these filters and the difference if any in then
You can either hang it, use milk crates or thbe like to support it odd the floor. Or you can have it outside the tent. There' many options. If the scrubber is heavy, don' use the tent to hold it up. It may not hold the weight
An air scrubber is a device that removes particles, gases, or chemicals from the air in a specific area. Air scrubbers are very important in some industries as workers are frequently exposed to harmful substances. Most air scrubbers are made for a specific type of air purification but some are made to handle particles, gases, and chemicals at the same time. Air scrubbers range dramatically in capabilities, functions, and filters, but they all perform the general task of removing harmful substances from the workplace.

How do Air Scrubbers Work?

Air scrubbers differ in how they clean air but most use either ions or ozone. However, other air scrubbers simply consist of a filter and a fan that periodically draw large amounts of air into it, while clean air is forced out of the other side.
What you want to know if there is an difference between scrubbers and regular carbon filters?
They both clean the air, the difference is that a carbon filter needs to be put in your tent with the fan sucking ait thru it.
A scrubber can be used like that but it can also be placed after your fan, outside your tent if you'd like. Putting it as an exhaust can also help with noice reduction.