Conneticut finnaly goes legal after years of jailing people.

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Today cannabis is finally legal in CT, they wont let u into the dispensary till next may, in the meantime you can have 2 & 1/2 oz on your person, 5 and a halfoz in your home, but they put a thca cap on recreational stuff, cultivation is still illegal unless you have a med card if so you can legally cultivate starting Oct 1rst, so back 9 years and 1 month ago i told my dr i smoke bc someone put dope in a bag of weed i bought off the street so i told my Dr i would grow my own that was exactly 9 years and 1 month ago, no dirty urin since, he offerd me a free card in case i got caught i could say i cant afford my medication but i declined bc i refuse to pay $60 for 3 and 1 half grams at dispensary so when i found out you can grow with a card i called and told him i now wanted one, he said are you high it will be legal in 6 days so i told him you need 1 to cultivate he said most of his appointments are for cards all of a sudden and wonderd why so i said bc people want to try to grow, anyway he sent the recommendation to the state for free saveing me $153 but then i had to pay the state a $100 processing fee and will get my card within a month not that im going to stop growing up next double grape, however i have toofless alien that has been cureing for a couple months so im about to do a nice legal bong hit about freaking time.
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