Continuation of flowering post harvest

Hi guys,

I'm about to harvest my green poison, but it has lots of immature flowers lower down. Does anyone have any tips for putting the plants back into flower, or do I just keep with the current flowering feeds?

I'm an organic grower, and I don't flush, so I'm thinking say, 10 extra days would be about perfect.

Happy growing.
Keep the same light schedule if indoor and if outdoor, let the lowers finish off naturally
I just did exactly that on my outdoor grow that I needed to cut a week or so early (weather). The immature buds were much nicer, and they harvested in good shape, a week later than the initial cut..despite 3 nights of below 28 d F temps. I was amazed and one was a Sativa Leaner. One morning the plants had a coating of ice..and yet they lived.
Cheers guys. I'm not surprised they survived. Plant cells harden as they mature, so they become fairly tough.

I'll let you know how I do with the second yeild, in terms of weight and quality.

Will have the music and smoke on tomorrow, whilst I'm doing the first harvest.

Happy growing.