could this be the end for uk grow shops?


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A businessman who sold cannabis-growing equipment from his shop is being prosecuted in the first case of its kind in the county.

Andrew Stuart Woolhouse (50) also advertised the apparatus on the internet.

He pleaded guilty to inciting people to produce cannabis between August 2004 and March 2007.

Leicester Crown Court was told it was the first prosecution by Leicestershire Police, who are trying to tackle the increasing problem of cannabis farms in the county.

Woolhouse sold the equipment, including lighting apparatus and hydroponic watering systems, from his Easy Grow store in Leicester's Abbey Lane.

James Thomas, prosecuting, said: "As a result of an investigation into shops of this type, it was discovered that an advert was placed in relation to the shop.

"A police officer went to the premises and made a test purchase.''

Mr Thomas said officers also discovered a small hydroponic system with plants growing in Woolhouse's own loft.

He added: "It's not suggested that he was a supplier to large-scale growers.

"There are a number of shops of this type now in existence, but this is the first prosecution of this type by Leicestershire Police.''

When asked for an indication as to the likely sentence Woolhouse was facing, Judge Christopher Plunkett said that he could be jailed. He said: "There's a difference between those who grow in large quantities and those who facilitate or incite others to grow in smaller quantities for their own use.

"Nonetheless, the case passes the custodial threshold.''

He indicated he would be consider suspending any prison sentence.

James Varley, defending, said: "This shop is being wound up as we speak and he's got a building job to go to in May.''

The case was adjourned for the preparation of a pre-sentence report.

Woolhouse, of Armadale Drive, Netherhall, was released on conditional bail.

He is due to be sentenced on April 11.

Police say at least 50 cannabis factories have been raided and closed down in Leicestershire in the past year.

The majority have been discovered in houses, although a small number, have been uncovered in commercial buildings.

Police estimate that each plant can generate about £1,000 in profit if it is harvested three times a year.


oh what bad news

i feel for the guy

but what is the guy actualy geting done for as the equiptment is legal and taxes are paid
it sounds crazy
if he was selling bud then of course but equiptment

i believe seeds will be on the agenda aswell if this passes and all shops were ordered to shut down

no matter what they try and pull we will grow strong forever
i have a growshop in the uk, you must be very carefull of the law.. i have to promote the growth of vegetables. the law have tried many times to nick me
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