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HI All,

I'am new at this forum and have some questions about growing cream caramel auto indoors. This is my second grow, but the first with HPS in a homebox. The first one was outsite.
At first a started with led lights and after three weeks a HPS 250 watts. The plants look like bushes with lot's of leaves and are also blooming. Question is what about the leaves that cover the buts? Can I just remove them?


You should look up the defoliation technique if you want some insight on this.

personally, I rather tuck my leaves into other leafs to get some light to my buds...if they're huge fan leaves and their covering a major bud site near the top of the canopy I would get rid of 3 max per 2-3 days.

You have to understand that leaves play a very important role in the cannabis plants development so you have to be very selective on which leaves you want to get rid of and not overdo it because you could introduce infections and possibly diminish your yield.

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