Critical Light Mistake - Please HELP!

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Hi Everyone,
I have a problem and need an answer. I run 3 1000w HPS lights in
Bloom Room, with 3 sets of different harvest times (I stagger the bloom harvests. About a week ago, a digital timer went out, and one of the lights stayed on 4 hours past the turn off time (so total light that day only was 16 hours). Then today I found that I set the timer on one lamp to the wrong setting and had an extra 7 hours of light (total of 18 hours of light instead of 12). Will this hermie all three sets of blooms (one set is being chopped tonight, another in 4 weeks, and another in 6 weeks)? I used DM Reverse on all of the plants when I put them into flower, and second spraying 10 days later for each to prevent hermies. Please help and let me know - are these light mistakes going to wipe out my crops? Will they make pollen sacs? Will they just hermie and make seeds? Please help and let me know what I should do. Also any links to good hermie, pollen and seed sacs, on plants in different stages of flow? Thanks for all your help in past posts.


You are probably going to be ok, if you do have problems, the strain wasn't worth it's salt anyway. But stop doing that!


+4 I think I'm 4th in line ;-)

Either way, keep an eye on them. Don't stress it though.
Definitely don't want them looking like this:

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