Csi: Humboldt...round 2 Drop...a Taste Of The Purple Plague!

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Hey Y'all...It's been a minute but we're finally ready to drop Round 2 here. As many who've known me for years know...I love Purple herbs. I've been growing Purples for nearly 20 years...and my two personal favorite purples over the last two decades are the original Purple Urkle and Mendocino Purple clones. I have an extensive project planned over the next few years and this release is just the tip of the iceberg that I have planned...just a taste, so to speak, of the upcoming Purple Plague.

This drop consists of...

Mendocino Purple Urkle ~ Mendocino Purple x Purple Urkle
Humboldt Purple Snow ~ Humboldt Snow x Purple Urkle
Purple Dogbud ~ Chemdog '91sva x Purple Urkle

And another serving of...

Mendocino Purple Kush ~ Mendocino Purple x Bubba Kush

Here's some Humboldt Purple Snow I grew over a decade ago...I'll post up some more pics as I have time. :)

As always...any questions, feel free to ask...and I'll do my best to answer.


what's the most potent purple strain you offer ?
have you ran the Oregon Diesel clone ?
Ran a few indoor and came out amazing , gotta love purple buds on a green plant .. looking forward to seeing it's early finish , I'm high desert Central OR .. season is over real early , hoping the bit of auto flowering in the Oregon Diesel plays to my favor


anymore triangle crosses coming?
triangle x urkle would of been nice

Have you run any solid triangle kush crosses? Personally, I have yet to work with a triangle cross that has any of the triangle dominant traits, i.e. the fuel smell, etc.
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