Everything I read says to use paper bags and glass jars for final curing.
My problem is that I grew cola's that are 2 ft long - No, NOT complaining as this was a very good grow; but, does present problems in that I can't find bottles that are 2' long. Since I want to keep them whole, what can I use to final cure in???


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Plastic bin. I have two 90gal bins (plus several paper bags) filled with Kush Cleaner right now, and it's every bit as good as it was two months ago. The keys are proper humidity (once dried, for the cure), darkness, and air flow. Just my opinion, of course.

By the by, I don't debone when I break the plants down for storing, I do as little as possible. So everything that I have in the basement right now is still all on the bone.
i wouldnt use plastic as it leaves a taste. use some spaghetting noodle jars if you have longer colas. dont know if they have a 2ft one but i know they have at least a 16" glass jar.
I agree with dirk. I had a similar issue with a big cola so I put the cola in a long plastic jar and the rest of the plant in glass. Same plant same exact curing methods, burped same time ect. Long story short I was really dissappointed when I went to smoke that cola after smoking on stuff that was in the glass.
I tried curing in a large ice chest. Put them in about the time I would have put them in jars for cure. I also stuck a remote temp/humidity probe. (wireless) in there to monitor the humidity. If it started getting close to 65-70% I would open the lid and let some air out.
Worked really good. Then put them in jars for final cure.

I've never been able to tell a difference between the tupperware stuff versus the mason jar stuff. Its all the same to me.

So I ultimately only cure in tupperware now bc of all the wonderful sizes. :)


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I always have to de-bud the big colas because I like to use glass. I can taste plastic after a day or two. Anyway, I have the same problem and would like to find a non-reactive plastic some of the newer cookware. It doesn't seem to leave any taste but I can't them either...let us know if you find anything glass...

I dont really like the way static electricity causes weed to stick to plastic, I use a large pickle jar with a caliber III hygrometer at the bottom


Take the 2' cola and cut the buds off the main cola into smaller pieces. For big batches 5g buckets have worked great but usually prefer the glass jar for longer storage.
I cut pretty much all my stuff down to buds no bigger than around 3 grams. Sometimes I keep a couple large ones for a patient of mine who likes the novelty of a 20 gram cola. Seems like most people dont want that log running up the middle. I have never used plastic but I doubt I could taste the difference.

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cure it in a turkey bag.

no plastic taste. In my weed or turkey!

Seal the turkey bag and put the turkey bags inside a contractor bag. No air, no light.

Never heard a complaint yet.
End of my first grow. Ran outa glass jars, ended up using a large stainless steel stock pot. Its not super air tight but worked out OK in a pinch. Saved the jars for the super dank nugs.