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I'm a beginner grower and decided to grow some plants of my own just for fun. Looking for some advice from some fellow growers to help me diagnose what's going on with my young curling autoflowering plants. My apologies in advance for the long post!

Question 1

Plant info: Autoflowering strain - Vision Gorilla - Purchased at a smartshop in Amsterdam
Age: 2 weeks (planted 17 may, 2021)
Images: first 3
No nutrients given

I planted this autoflower seed into a large pot into normal universal soil, (soil bought from a flowershop) on the 17th of May. Kept it inside for the first couple of days due to the cold rainy weather we were having here in Amsterdam.

I did have some blue led lights (40 watt) that I kept shining on them as well and it seemed to be doing great and was growing really quickly. Used a spray bottle to spray the soil close to the roots about every 3 days or when I put my finger into the soil and found it to be dry.

The last week the weather has gotten significantly warmer (from 12c to roughly 23c), and since my backyard gets quite a bit of sunlight throughout the day, I moved them outside. In the last week I noticed that the new leaves that have grown, are curling down and the stem was quite thin to the point where I had to keep soil around the stem to prevent it from toppling over. Today, as I slightly moved the plant, the whole plant just toppled over so I decided to re-plant it deeper into the soil - might've completely ruined it, but I didn't know what else to do, hoping it'll survive. The stem was also thinner at the part where the soil surrounded it at the top.

For the last week, they've been getting direct sunlight for roughly 8-9hrs a day, and then I leave them outside throughout the night. Temp drops to about 14c.

I watered it the day before yesterday when it got really hot outside and I used a normal watering can, so definitely gave it more water than I did previously. When Googling 'curling leaves' it gives me a whole list of different causes, and am therefore turning to this forum for some specific advice for my plants!

The reason why I am mainly confused is because the first leaves look quite big and healthy, but the new leaves are curling down. Can anybody pls help me diagnose this?

Question 2

Plant info: Autoflowering strain - Vision Gorilla - Purchased at a smartshop in Amsterdam
Age: 3 weeks (planted 10 may, 2021)
Images: last 2
No nutrients given

This one has nothing to do with the above question, however it just looks weird and I'm not sure if it's because it's a mutated seed or if I'm doing something wrong. The leaves are wonky, thin and just funny looking.

Has anyone experienced their weed plant to grow in a similar fashion?

Thanks in advance to anyone willing to help!
- Lily
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