Cuttings to Clones. Just how I do it!

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Update: I've had time to conduct some experiments with my Bubblegum cuttings. Up until recently I've had no cuttings/ clones to spare because I was taking what I needed from my plants in Veg about a week before Id flick them over into flower. I would take a few extra but time and spare are limited so I didn't really have the time ir the space to mess about. Until now.
I am starting to flush the plants that are in flower and I have my clones ready to replace them but I had an extra Bubblegum clone from the last lot and I just kept it on its own under 24/7 light. Mars Hydro led 3000. Great light. Its the one with the dimmer and detachable driver. I think the models below this are junk.
Anyway, I have be taking cuttings from the one Bubblegum I kept back. half a dozen or so at a time and have more than I know what to do with. I used the 25 mm x 25 mm rockwool cubes and just popped them into a plastic take away container. Its taken 12 days for roots to appear through the 1 inch cubes.
I go to a lot of trouble to ensure I have cuttings/clones/plants for my next grow. I would hate to have to start again from seed and I wouldn't want to lose the " True" Female genetics I was fortunate to find in a pack of Bubblegum from Serious Seeds 2 years ago this month (10/2019). They seem to jave only gotten better and easier to clone every time I repeat the process.
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