Cutty Cloner 3000:Multi-Unit with Auto Top Off

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Greetings Farmers,

Like many I have had problems with DIY cloners, primary issue being leaks.

One other problem I have always had with my cloners is the amount of nutrients they use, average being 4 to 5 gallons of solution.

Leaks of course force you to use more solution, which cost more money. While topping of the solution things can be knocked out of wake slowing the clones down a few days.

I was also interested in a cloner that used less solution but with more then 5 sites. LOL

So I came up with The Cutty Cloner 3000, made from the same buckets I RDWC with. The flip lid locks perfectly with No Leaks! :party0042:

Once the prototype was build and running I thought why not link these up via uniseal and PVC?

I added a top of Res with a 6-inch air stone and quick connect fitting to a float valve in the first cloner.

Now I can load my cloner and go smoke one for 7-10 days with no work at all!:icon_spin:

Shopping list.

1 Ropak 8-gallon bucket w/lid
1 Active Aqua Pump 250 GPH
1 10 gallon air pump
12 (red) 360 Sprayers
1 Length of ½ inch PVC
1 ¾ inch Male Threaded to ½ inch Female slip-on
4 ½ inch PVC elbows
3 ½ inch PVC Tees
1 6 in Air stone (I have changed to a 4in Disc)
1 Length of air line
24 Two inch net pots (thicker ones)
1 Pack of 30 neoprene inserts.
1 Roll of Foil Tape
1 Roll of Teflon Tape
1 Stealth heather 20-gallon heater. (This is only needed at startup, I’d say optional)

Covered with Insulation foil however, the foil retains heat from the pump, Reworked with just Foil tape as on the lid.

For Multi-Bucket setup

¾ inch Uniseals
Shut off valve
Float valve
Quick connect shut-off
5 gallon bucket for top-off with Air stones

Hole saw set.
Drill bits.


Here is a look between the buckets with shut off.

Inside the control bucket.

I'm showing roots in 5-7 days! :harvest:
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