I was wondering what people thought of Cyco in terms of PH stability, concentration, consistency, price, flavor, smell, yield, deficiencies, etc. Please do not post topics relating to "biker muscle" and all the other anti-propaganda I have found on the net. Let's look at this from a growers perspective using empirical evidence if available.

My experience: Chem Dawg X OG Kush and Obama Kush were switched to the complete Cyco lineup 2 weeks before flower. So far, they are just beginning week 5. The medium is 25% coco, 25% peat, 30% pumice, and 20% perlite. Plants are fed daily via drip while maintaining 10-20% runoff each feed. Thoughts so far:

Chemical Structure of the nutrients are high quality amino acid chelates instead of acid chelates.

Price compared to House and Garden, Canna, and Advanced Nutrients- Least expensive when using all products listed under each company's full lineup nutrient calculator. I have made a spreadsheet and calculated costs for the flowering cycle only. If you like to mix and match nutrient companies, then the base nutrient is still the least expensive.

Concentration of the base nutrient is about 8ml/gal which is the same as H&G Aqua Flakes and Canna Substra. The additives are 4ml/gal in flower.

Consistency of the entire lineup is very fluid. I have a 150 mesh screen on my drip system, and there is less than 5% obstruction after 100 gallons. This 5% is attributed to the B1 product. I have not ran the other nutrient lineups with this drip system, but after years of use with each companies' full lineup, I would have to say that Cyco takes the ticket for the most fluid consistency without particulates as evident of the reservoir side-wall. Things that should be taken into consideration are H&G's over-concentrated Algen Extract and the new thick Amino Treatment. Canna's lineup is quite fluid except the Canna Boost.

PH stability is not as good as AN's new "PH Perfect" line. Ph stability is better than House and Garden on my water system, but not as stable as Canna.

Flavor is yet to be determined.

Smell is yet to be determined.

Yield is yet to be determined, however the flowers look bigger than when I have ran these strains on the other nutrients listed.

Deficincies, or lack their of is what I am liking the most out of this line so far. The plants have remained green and happy without a spot, discoloration or curl. Even after figuring the NPK of each lineup, Cyco still seems to have the lowest N concentration, but the plants remain more green than when using the other lines on past tests with these two strains.

Final Comments: Although I am not done with this round, I will definitely be buying the entire lineup again for next cycle to determine compatability with other strains. I will post my results when finished, or if I forget, poke at me.

Cheers, Medi

Alright, I'm at work right now so I'll try to make this quick so the boss doesn't get pissed, ha. When I have a little more time I'll elaborate more on my points. I've worked in and closely with several gardens that have used Cyco now. These aren't something that I can compare directly to each other as the variables between them are too great (600 per 4x4 vs 600 per 3x3, plant count under lights, etc). All of these gardens also used different methods (two of which were LP aero, one DWC, a few coco rooms, and then also a dirt room). Here's the skinny:

1)Price/Concentration - Seems consistent with most brands (AN, DM) etc. Also the other thing that needs to be noticed is that Cyco isn't really anything new. If you compare products like their Potash Plus or base nutes to Dutchmaster, you'll see some pretty startling similarities, ha.

2) Consistency - Absolutely agree, easily the most fluid nutrient I've used. The only thicker one (which again, very fluid) is the Uptake which can stain trays because of the humic.

3) Ph stability - Pretty stable, my res climbed throughout the week but nothing out of the norm when compared to DM. I was also using their base nutes in a 2:1 ratio and my 8 plants drank about 40 gallons a week so a swing is to be expected.

4) Flavor and Smell- Through the roof, genetic dependent obviously. Some of the better flowers I have seen or burned have been done with Cyco, but I leave that to the fact that they are also gardeners I really respect.

5) Yield, now this one is a fickle subject. I have friends who have pulled a gram a watt with 600's and some that have pulled only a half pound. The chow mix was a gram a watt for what it's worth. The LP aero suffered greatly from some under lighting and fucked up temp control so I understand that it's not a fair comparison again.

6) Deficient is not in cyco's vocabulary. I have yet to see a yellowed leave that wasn't intentionally faded by the gardener in flushing.

The only thing that I dislike in the line aside from price of their additives (fuck you b1 boost and uptake) is their Cyco XL. I will admit that it's one of the first times I've seen preflowers the size of dimes in veg but seriously, an absurd stretch for most indoor gardeners that they should warn you about if you're unaware of what Phosphoric Acid can do to not only your PH but the implications it has on plant behavior afterwards and it's relative lack of need in a container situation.
Tweedy, could you please go into detail on the effects of Cyco XL on the plant? Does it cause rapid growth, stretch, spindly stems, preflowers, quicker transition in flowering, reduced flowering period etc? I have found conflicting reports on this additive.
I'll go into a relative timeline in the LP aero bucket system I was working with. Adding Cyco XL to the res will cause it to drop dramatically (who would have thunk, it's a very overpriced PH down unless there is some secret juice in there that Shaun isn't talking about) to around 3 or 4 depending on input water. It's pretty rough if you're new to the product and are unaware of the implications of dropping that much phosphoric acid in your water. But after it's PH'd, the plants have a dramatic increase in height. Around 2 times the size even before a flip. Depending on genetics this can be a blessing or a curse, as it really does cause an issue with spindly stems if your cultivar is one of the ones with a bad foot forward to begin with. It does kick start flowering though, so if properly utilized I can see it being a great tool. Like I said, dime size flowers weeks before a flip or when you'd expect to see them. Pretty cool tool for getting a jump start on the process but at the expense of stretching the shit out of your plants. I wouldn't necessarily say that it is an absolute must in the line, but I will say that the people I know who don't use it don't yield as well as the ones who do. However, it harkens back to my earlier post about inconsistent variables in the different gardens.

I think that it's worth experimenting with but dramatically reduce your veg time if you do because you'll hit the fucking ceiling if you're not careful. I think it would be a great option for vert tree farmers trying to spread their plants out and get better penetration.
Cheers Tweedy for the proper review. Yes it sounds like a great tool or even to speed up certain laggers. I just applied it to aprx. 15 varieties a few days ago. Your right, they have put the plants into overdrive. I have supercropped daily to prevent possible weak stems.


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Check out flowamasta's single plant scrog thread. He uses cyco nutes with great success.

Cheers Tweedy for the proper review. Yes it sounds like a great tool or even to speed up certain laggers. I just applied it to aprx. 15 varieties a few days ago. Your right, they have put the plants into overdrive. I have supercropped daily to prevent possible weak stems.
No problem, I have luckily had a lot of experiences with different nutes over the years as I've always worked in hydro shops and have had cost on it all. So if I didn't try it, one of my friends did, ha.
Finished my run with Cyco. The quality is A+. The yield may be a bit on the lower side. I'm going to run a cycle using the cyco line using big bud and overdrive.
Finished my run with Cyco. The quality is A+. The yield may be a bit on the lower side. I'm going to run a cycle using the cyco line using big bud and overdrive.
Seems to be the common consensus, I'm thinking you're right on the money about upgrading the bloom booster. Not that there is anything wrong with Potash Plus, but a more refined approach might bring cyco's quality to a larger quantity.
I forgot about this thread.

I have changed all my rooms to Cyco. I am still using big bud/overdrive as bloom boosters.

I am trying to potash/swell combo again. The cyco nutrient schedule is a bit strange; they use the silica product in increasing amounts. I did not use the silica product in my previous potash/swell trials.

Other than that, I have been happy with the cyco line. You do need to supplement their line with root excel and your beneficials. Throw in some tea and you're good to go.
Okay, I ran the full cyco line again in my test room, with their silicate, potash and swell.

There is an increase in quality. But yield is down compared to big bud/overdrive. Noticeably down.

I've ran so many lines (GH, full AN, canna, cyco) and for anyone that's interested, this is my full regimen

Cyco bloom a/b
Cyco B1 Boost
Cyco uptake
Cyco Zyme
Cyco dr repair
AN Bud Candy
Big Bud (week 2 to 5)
Overdrive (week 6+)
Root excel (3 weeks)
superthrive (3 weeks)
Great White (3 weeks)
Snowstorm Ultra (Last 2 weeks)
Cut out cyco bloom a last week

Flush with whatever voodoo magic you think it works. I've tried a lot of stuff. Plain water works for me.
Running the complete Cyco line + some additives right now on some Chemdogs and they are super happy going into week 7 (this pic was from the end of week 5).


I want to continue using their Grow A + B during veg but I think their recommended feed schedule might be too hot without adding their additives. Maybe instead of 8 ml/gal of both A + B for week 1 of veg I'll try 4 ml/gal of both.
I'm only using rooting products and superthrive for the first two weeks now.

I am no longer using Snowstorm Ultra.

First 2 weeks, I use Yellow Bottle Ultra.

The 2 weeks that I use Overdrive, I use Yellow Bottle Final.
When I was running it for veg I was doing two parts A to one part B and it was crushing it. Just base nutes in a makeshift 6" aeroflo and roots for days.
I've been using cyco since it came out, love the stuff. But I learned early to mix match bloom boosters and a few other things for the massive bud I want..I've ran the whole line but this mix I worked out is by far the best/most dependable line up for dank huge nugs every run with no headaches ......here is what I use.

Cyco a+b bloom
Cyco zyme
Big bud powder (sometimes Rock Resinator)
Grand finale (BEST SHIT)
Floralicious +
Protekt Silica

The XL is great for scrog but that's the only time I will use it. You can fill the screen twice as fast with the XL.