DaHomies OG Kush Grow

Hello everyone, This is my first grow in 2 years, and as of 2 years ago i was growing autoflowers in grow tent and did about 3-4 grows before things happend which made me have stop growing and i also figured out with research before i started this OP that i was doing many things wrong before so hopefully this time around things will go smooth with my new knowledge and help from this great community.
My Setup=
-Victory Seeds OG Kush 3 Pack- Photoperiod
-Pure BioBizz coco
-5 gallon vivosun fabric pots with 2.5 liters of hydroton at bottom and .5 liters on top
- Perfect Sun Dwarf Star Led and Vivosun 300 Watt Led
- Mega Crop Base Nute and GH Flora Blend
-Homemade grow box in 10x10 room

Hope u choose tag along with me on this grow as m sure it will be a good 1.
These happy ladies are currently 1 week and 3 days old.💪

an This lil lady is a little farther behind but im sure its cause of the weaker light she's under.

Also this is how the ladies get there fresh air.