Dark Purple Disease Affecting New Growth?

Has anyone seen this issue before?

Temps have been hot: 28-31C Day / 15-22C Night with 75-85% humidity Avg.

Appears to be affecting all plants in the garden except a freezeland/timewarp strain that had flowered itself and was in and out of veg/flower all summer. Other than that some 15 or 16 strains of varying age have been affected.
What’s your feed like? Nute type and quantity or ppm?
Strains affected? What is the feed schedule?
Cold, temps?
Too much phos? Possibly
I’ve not seen a persay disease that causes that color. Could be strain related ? But I suspect phos
Mostly organic to start.. pro-mix, compost, sheep manure, Gaia Green all purpose, nature’s cure fertilizer.

Not strain related, see above...

They received a frost early in the season, I started using superthrive/ floranova grow in low doses once summer started to get em up to speed.
I also thought Phos and switched to flora nova bloom and pro silicate one I seen the purple. It didn’t help though.

Soil report I had done last week shows similar to first of the season, P/K are moderate-low concentrations. PH is on low side.
It's the high humidity and low temperatures in the morning. There's morning dew trapped in those fresh new shoots and when the sun rises it burns them. Put a cover over your plants, build a hoop house or something because once in flower bud rot is gonna set in and destroy your harvest.
Interesting, have you seen this before?

They are in a guerilla spot where the morning sun doesn’t hit them until mid morning
Have been on the spot in the morning? There's water standing right there where you're getting purple/brown colour. Once the noon sun hits the spot it burns the plant unless wind shakes the plant before to drop those water drops.
I have but never noticed. I’ll take a check tomorrow. There are some tall standing alders around that I am going to thin out to hopefully increase airflow.
I really can't see magnified sun being the issue. When I've had this problem from foliar feeding indoors the plants would just have yellow/orange burnt spots/areas. No cold snaps to speak of, we've had a good year with above average temperatures.
Also what originally had me thinking it was a disease was that I dug up a male from the plot and potted it, put it with around 100 breeding plants of various strains that DO NOT have the purpling issue and the purpling has persisted although the male is very green and healthy. It is doing slightly better than the plants in the plot but still purple.
you cant guarantee phenotypes if you are breeding man.
You certainly can by clone. In which case I have duplicates, one in each garden. The plot has around 30 plants and around 15 strains. The breeding area is about 100 or so plants same strains, some clones. Only difference is Pots vs being planted in the ground and less light vs more light.
My buddies plants are doing the EXACT same thing, and have had this problem now for 4 Years. Not all of them do it either. RUINING ALL THAT GET THIS MALADAY. THIS WILL FUCK UP THE PLANTS. TOTALLY.

Ive not had photos to post, ( THANKS FOR THESE PHOTOS )

Im thinking its a Calcium issue. Or an imbalance of Mag/Calcium.

I believe it can be brought on by being wet, WHICH CAN CAUSE PH FLUCTUATIONS.

But Im very curious about the responses.

It IS NOT COLD. its also NOT BURN. Its retarded growth. Gnarly. Twisted. Research has made me think its a Cal/Mag issue. Lockout, or Deficiency.

It aint been below 70 in my neck of the woods for 4 months.

Buddy hit them with more Magnesium Calcium Nitrate, and 4-20-39 base formula.

We were just using 19-19-19 x 0-0-60, Calcitic/Dolomitic Lime, and water only for 2 months, and they were perfect.

As soon as they started to flower, the purple, twisted growth started. So I feel the food is up in the containers, and are deficient.
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okay, so when you say "breeding" you mean you are starting from seed right?. you pop like a hundred of them and select phenos. unless you have already done this cloning plants isnt breeding. cloning off moms and running a bunch of clones isnt breeding, unless you bred the original seed for the mom, ive seen those little MG looking tears on plants with micro nutrient issues. are you giving them micros? i know you are doing organic.... but those are micro nutrient issues. and PH rarely just affects just the micro nutrient, it affects all of them.