Dark spot tip of buds

Bud rot? Light burn? Or pretty purps

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I've got two Jack Herer autos growing in a 3x3. 2 - 300w hydro crunch LEDs, osc fan, lung room supplying avg 45 rh in tent. Using GH trio with calmagic. These ladies are on day 45 and flowering nicely with that signature jack herer flower stretch. Also like jack herer strain, they have been temperamental. All the buds in only one of the two plants have dark spots on the tips. The other plant has none (possibly different phenos). It looks brown under LEDs but mostly purple without them. I am nervous of bud rot but it's on the very tips, not on the inside near the stem like bud rot. Next I suspected light burn but my lights are 26" away and any further may not be enough light to pack those nugs thicc. Posted are pics under the led and under normal light. Any experience is appreciated. Thanks in advance for your replies.
Looks nice and possibly strain specific, but does look a bit like a harvest fade, that you are far from. Are you only using bloom nutes from the trio?
I've been using all three and calmagic in small amounts all the way through. I changed my ratio of 2;1 grow/bloom to 1;2 when they were fully into flower. I have probably been feeding them not enough nutes. Started researching today and my ppms are nowhere near high enough. Also, I am going to start watering with more nutes to runoff instead of flushing every couple days. Hopefully that will help with some of that fade.