Day 1- Sixteen Gsc's In 8 Gal. Modules Under 4k Watts

Got em under a metal halide dimmable ballast (400W) 38" off the tops of leaves. Not sure if the black rimmed net pots are really better at keeping out light, but I may switch net pots cuz these are lattice all the way up. Some of the clones i'm a bit disappointed in, they're well rooted and healthy looking, but the number of nodes has me concerned.

Next is dialing in numbers. It'll be cold at night and can't run lights at night for flower unfortuantely, so up for some ideas on keeping the garage warmer

I'm gonna use a 50G top off reservoir, except I honestly can't remember how to increase the system's PPM every week from the reservoir. I know the reservoir has to have a higher PPM, but I don't remember how to calculate. CCh2's feeding schedule sounds like I would double the PPM every week if I used the # of gallons as the # of gallons in my system, and I'm not doing a nute change out but once.