Day 5: "taco" Leaves And Half-chopped Leaves

GSC in day 5 of Veg. Numbers are pretty dialed in now, but had a few F ups. Added 50ml of GH pH DOWN since the a-holes recommend 1-2ml/gal and I have a 100 gal system. Dropped the pH from 7 to 4. AHHHHHH. So I ended up adding 45ml of pH up to get back to 6.4, but took 1.5 hrs. when they shoulda been sleepin. Chiller temp sensor broke and took the water temp down to 55 one morning. Greeeeat. Ballast crapped out right at lights on so had to run to the hydro store. Sh!t like that. Anyway, growth is aight but the leaves tend to curl at the ends (canoe like or taco like)- it's not extreme. I wonder if it's the fan (set at minimum) or heat stress (36" at 600W- was at 40"). Water level is 1/2" below bottom of rockwool. So I'm open to ideas unless it's not anything specific, just the stress of the water, pH, lights, etc.

One thing that concerns me is the PPM's have not gone down since the pH debacle two days ago. The ppms went from 100 to 130 after adding all the UP/DOWN and has stayed relatively at that number. I'm thinking top feed em in case the 1/2" water level is too low and they're not drinking..??

Oh, but I'd love some feedback on pruning. Some of the fan leaves were clipped (came like that). Will they need to be removed? I'm thinking no cuz they're the motor of the plant or somethin like that. I'm thinking next week to remove the bottom leaves that aren't doing much.
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Usually the leaves are cut like that when they are clones. The idea is that reducing the amount of leaf reduces photosynthis and promotes root growth. I do this with my clones and I like that it also provides a clear distinction between old and new growth, allowing me to quickly see my clones are doing well.

In my experience adding huge amounts of pH Up and Down like that plays hell with the solution. I probably would have dumped the system and started over with fresh.