Deep down farmer, waiting to get out.

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I’ve read a lot of posts from this site, and very thankful there’s a community like this I can read about people’s experiences, knowledge, and advice.

Deep down farmer, waiting to get out.. Going to age myself here. In ‘94, I went to a military high school. Wrote a very lengthy paper for sociology about why this should be legal. Very taboo, and got in trouble for it, did get an A though.

Recently started my adventure in learning hydro. Never done before, but felt like I had common sense to try. I love growing.. spent 10 years with a girl who hated the fact I had domes all over our apartment, trying to grow non sensical stuff especially for where I was. Orchid Dalhias? Indoors in the Midwest, and a very small condo.

Plants fascinate me. Felt like trying this, would offer me a great way to learn everything. Let’s face it, it’s the ultimate plant to grow.

Hoping to connect with the community, because let’s face it, I’m lost at times. I’ve gone down a lot of rabbit holes.

Felt like I did a fairly decent grow with my first attempt, with seeds that were from, (I now know the difference between feminized, and regular). Sad day when 5 were males, and 3 were female. However the seeds were from very bad genetics, and when I was ready to harvest, and flushed. They started to herm.

I have a new grow going.. hoping I can ask a few questions..

It wasn’t root rot, but a brown slime… was able to clear it up for the most part with Hydroguard.

My question is when to use SLF100 vs. HydroGuard?

This new setup, I went with 5 gallon DWC buckets, with a drip. My dumbass didn’t know at the time about the lights, nutrients.. the drip system sat on top of the clay pebbles; and where this sludge probably started.

I keep hearing about light leaks. How do you prevent light leaks when changing nutes? Do it in the dark? Light leaks in the lines? Using check valves that are clear, but there far down the air hose. Could that potentially cause an issue?
Deep down farmer waiting to get out
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Welcome to the farm! If you can grow dahlias, you can grow weed lol. I've had dahlias in my flower bed a few times and always ask myself why I let thier beauty trick me, because they always give me a hard time, so finicky and powdery mildew magnets.
You'll find lots of helpful folks and info here. I personally don't do hydro so I can't answer any questions on that... I avoid light leaks by having lights on during the day, only doing things during lights on and taping off any indicator lights... but I know some do it opposite. Light leaks into your res/roots... I'm no help lol. Plenty of hydro growers on here. You could post your questions under the hydro forum as well. Looks like you're doing pretty well so far. 😊


Welcome to the farm!
Many great ppl here, much knowledge and at times a lot of laughter. 🥰
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