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P.O.W. x Rocky Mountain High, 8 - 9 weeks flowering time,
This cross took on more of the RMH fruity flavor,
Breakout is a medium plant with very little stretch and decent yields,
Great trichome production, so it is also good for pain and appetite.

G-13 X P.O.W. 8 to 9 weeks harvest time,
This plant took a little of both the POW & G-13 the original mother of POW.
It grows to a medium plant and little stretch at 12/12,
Escaped has the earthy hashy smell and taste like the G-13 mother plant.
Very good for appetite, spasms and pain relief.

P.O.W .
G-13 x Purple Indica, 8 to 9 weeks,
It grows as a shorter bushier plant with little stretch at 12/12,
POW has the earthy hashy smell and taste like the G-13 mother plant.
Very good for appetite, spasms and pain relief.

Double White Cheese
UK Cheese/Aloha White Widow X UK Cheese/Aloha White Widow, 8 to 9 weeks flowering time,
This can be a taller plant. This took on more of the AWW then the Cheese.
Very smooth smoke has a mix of earth and tropical tastes, also helps with pain.

Cheese BX1
UK Cheese X AWW male X UK Cheese, This is a 9 to 10 week plant, and it is mostly sativa, but a shorter sativa. It has the extra sharp cheddar cheese smell. It has big yields for a shorter sativa, it has pleasant smooth taste, a taste that makes you wanting more. It has an up high. Helps with pain but doesn't pin you to your chair. And give you a big appetite so hide the goodies

Fugu Kush
Bubba Kush x Blowfish from Dutch Flowers. Flowering Time: 9-10 weeks, The Blowfish consists of G-13/Blue Dot/Oregon Funk and has a frankincense smell. For best results topping is a plus and at least a 3 - 4 week veg time, a medium to good producer. Flavors will range from coffee bean to frankincense, let her flower for a full 10 weeks to bring full aroma and to maximize power.

G-13 X Rocky Mountain High, (RMH = Mikado x Colo. Green Bud), G-High has an 8 to 9 week flowering time, This is a medium to tall plant also little stretch at 12/12, G-High has a fruity smell, but has the old school pot taste. Very strong medicine a big power hitter. Like its parent plant Rocky Mountain High. Very good for severe pain and appetite.

Mystery Girl

This is a 15 pack of a blend of everything I've worked with over these last couple years, some true gems to be found. Most all of these will be 8 to 9 week varieties.

Blowfish was made by Dutch Flowers Seeds. And the makeup of Blowfish is (G13 X Oregon Funk) X (G13 X Blue Dot).It is mostly indica and flower time is between 53 days and 63 days. Medium to tall plant with big yields. This is the blowfish that we used to make the Fugu kush. You can’t go wrong with Blowfish

Strawberry cough
We brought back a popular classic. We took some F1 seeds grew them out. Looked for an outstanding male, took that male and hit it to ken’s cut Strawberry cough clone. To create this strawberry cough Classic. Flowering time is around 9 weeks. Great bag appeal with that strawberry under tone smell. A must have Classic

88 G-13/ Hashplant
88 G-13/ Hashplant was made by ndnguy. We took his creation and made a lot of crosses with it. Just like the name says it is the G-13 X Hashplant from 1988. This plant grows huge so give it space. 9 weeks or 10 and she will be done. Is a good combination for two plants.

Monkey balls (Deep Chunk)
Monkey balls are a pheno of tom Hills Deep Chunk. We had some F1 seeds to make this F2 give away of Tom hills creation. The weed is very strong and long lasting. The yield of this plant is very high. Expect the flowering time to be any where from 54 to 64 days. This is another old Classic brought back just for the holidays.

Cocoa Puffs
We took two Great plants to make Cocoa Puffs. First we took Darwoh 2.5 chocolate Thai and picked out a great short flowering male. Then we took that male and hit it to a clone only Chocolate trip to make Cocoa Puffs. She is a 10 to 12 week plant, give her a big pot and get better than average yields. A must have for a short sativa flowering time.

Lemon Stomper
Lemon stomper was made with an Elephant stomper male hit to a lemon Larry female. 8 to 9 weeks flowering time. Rock hard, resin covered bigger than golf ball nuggets you will get when you take her to the 9th week. If you like Elephant stomper and Lemon Larry, then this combo will blow you away.

White 88 G-13/ Hashplant
White 88 G-13/ Hashplant we took are famous 88G-13/Hashplant Male, and hit it to the clone Only White cut. This plant grows huge so give it space. 9 weeks or 10 and she will be done. No better combination of three plants.

Molokai kush
In this Creation we took one of the best males we could find in the Molokai Frost Family. And hit it with the Outstanding Bubba Kush cut we have. And have had for over 11 years, this is the same Bubba Kush that I have used in all of my Hybrids. Very easy to grow .Give her dirt, water, light and love and you will be rewarded with a great plant after 9 to 10 weeks. She likes to grow tall so give her head room. Sativa/indica

Mikado was mad by the Federation seed company. Hazeman seeds wanted to preserve one more good old strain. And have everyone enjoy it. This is what they have on it in Seed finder Predominantly Indica. The Mikado is a quick maturing, large-yielding strain. Has a long jagged single leaf pattern. Under 18 hours of light, the stems and leaves are coated with resin. The female plants show hairs making sexing easy. Liked for its long-lasting high, Mikado can be harvested 45 days after flowering is started. Perfect for a sea of green. The ones we grew out and pollinated where a medium plant, that where also cover in HEAVY resin. We did not get the one leaf pheno. This is a must have plant.

Black Russian

Black Russian this is one hybrid that we used a Russian landrace. And Mr. Nice black Widow Male, and hit it to the Russian land race. Very vigorous plant, likes the nutes but to heavy and light. 8 to 10 weeks to finish. Mostly Indica and resistant to mold outdoors

Black Cheese
Back Cheese was made using a Black Russian male. We took that male, and hit it to the clone only UK Cheese Cut that Hazeman seeds has. Which made this stinky hybrid? What a great combo with Mr. Nice black widow and Russian land race to the UK Cheese. Finish in 8 to10 weeks. Mostly Indica

Blue Bubba Kush
Blue Bubba was made from a blue god male, hit to are famous Bubba Kush cut that we have had over ten years now. With the Blue God influence to the Bubba Kush, it gives it a larger plant, a bigger yield, and bluish tint to the plant. Let it go to 10 weeks for the full look and flavor to come out. One greater cross with the Bubba Kush cut.

Bubba's Widow

This is a good add on to the bubba kush clone. We took the Aloha White Widow male that has been proven to be one outstanding male to work with. And hit it to one of the best Bubba Kush clone out there. This cross gave bubba a bigger yield, but saved that bubba flavor and smell. You will find a taller busier bubba plant in this cross. It is mostly indica with a hint of sativa. Give her the full 10 weeks, and you won’t be disappointed. You will find some great pheno keepers that everyone will want a cut of.


pre-98 Bubba Kush x G-13/HP. Flowering time 8-9 weeks The pre-98 Bubba Kush famous for it's tight kush nugs that reek of earthy/coffee goodness. The G-13/HP opened Bubba's structure somewhat and branches out nicely. The finished product has an earthy/hashy smoke, very strong and relaxing body stone. Great for arthritis, fibromyalgia and any other muscle related ailments.

Elephant Stomper
We took the purple elephant cut, and hit it with a grape stomper x Aloha white widow male. This too is a large tall plant needs a lot of room and light. Giver her 9 to 10 week to finish and late October for outside.

Grape 13
We took Gage greens famous Grape Stomper cut and hit with a G-13 BX2 male. This cross put more punch in the grape stomper, and gave it a grapey earthy smell. It gave it a better taste to the g-13. This is an Indica/sativa mix. Let it go 9 to 10 weeks to finish. This plant also need some head room, it is a large tall plant. Outside it will be a monster. Will finishes late October.

White Grapes
Aloha white widow X grape stomper / Aloha white widow, grow time 8 to 9 weeks tall plant, tropic grape smell. Taking a very grape smelling, Grape Stomper Aloha White Widow male and hit it back to a very grape smelling female. To make this Amazing White Grape hybrid. It is a sativa /Indica mix. Flowering time is 8 to 9 weeks. It’s a tall plant that likes the light. Give it that, and it will reward you with some nice rock hard, grape smelling nuggets. Good to relax with.

Triple XXX
The make up of this strain is The White cut hit with a The White / Aloha White Widow male. She is a med to tall plant, grow time is around 9 to 10 weeks. Give her full light, and she likes the nutes. So giver her a little room as she will double in size with the flowering stretch.

Gangster OG
This is a great OG cross. We took the 5k OG cut we had and also hit it with the Aloha white widow male. This is a tall plant like the SFV Fire OG and Louie the 13th OG, Gangster OG grows similar to those two OG. So she dose need head room. And I give her 9 to 10 weeks to finish. You have to plan your veg for the right size of your room, because she will grow tall quick. Again I would stay with light nutes. Grow her right and she will give you nice golf ball size hard nuggets.

White Tiger
If you like a strong growing plant medium to tall. Has the punch of a great white shark. That will leave you relaxed for hours. Then this is the plant for you. We used a Mr. nice white shark Female, and hit it with the power full Aloha white widow male to come up with this great strain. This one also will go 8 to 10 weeks in door. Like all plants give them love, light, water and air and they will reward you with some nice white pine cone nuggets.

Fat purple
This is a mystery strain. As I only know the father of this strain, as the mother come from a seed from shake. My buddy grew it and called it Fat Marty. So in the making of this plant we took a Purple Rhino X G-13 male and hit that to the unknown Fat Marty female. I have been working to get a great purple strain that has both a purple bud and a strong high. And after a long time of different crosses of purple strains I think we have got it. This was 6 years in the making. This is also an 8 to 10 week plant. Put her under the light for the best out come. You don’t need to have lower temps to get the purple. She is a medium to tall plant. I think this is a winner for the purple strain lovers.

Mercedes Lady
This is a combo of the US and the UK. We took the bubba Kush cut, which Hazeman seed has had over ten years. Which we feel is one of are best breeding cuts. And we used the UK cheese cut hit with the Aloha white widow male. Took a male of the UK Cheese / Aloha white widow, and hit the Bubba Kush cut. To make the Mercedes Lady strain. It is a medium to tall plant. 9 to 10 week to harvest. Strong medicine for pain and gives you a hardy appetite.

This is not a F2 this is a F1. We took loompa’s Purple Erkle x Headband and hit that with a Headband BX male made by loompa. We wanted to use the Purple Erkle x Headband mom we had, because of the short 45 day finish time and outstanding knock down punch she has. She love the side light with little nutes. She will finish in 45 days. For all you headband lovers this is a must have strain for your collection.

This is a strain we just had to mix with Loompa”s headband. In this strain we took Loompa’s Farm Purple Erkle |X Headband and found a great Mikado male, but on this strain we did an open pollination to get more variety out of her. The Headband made this strain taller with tighter rock hard nuggets. Side light, or right under it, it does well. She just need moderate feeding with a nice flush at the end. Give her 8 to 9 weeks to finish. We think this one is a cup winner.

Comet kush
This strain we took a white X Stardawg Female and hit it with a Stardawg IX male. This is a short to medium height plant. It to gets nice rock hard golf ball size buds. A very good plant for sea of green. Take her to 8 to 9 weeks to finish. And when you smoke this one put your safety belt on for the blast off.

Frosted Flakes
This strain is one more of those alone seeds found and grown out. We don’t know what the female is. All we know is when we grew her we knew we had to breed with her. She got her name from a friend of mine, when I sent them a picture of her they said it looked like frosted Flakes. The male we used in this one was the same male we used in the Comet Kush Strain. This plant grows med to tall so give her some head room. This one to is a 8 to 9 week strain. All she needs is a little love and she will give you liter size pop bottle buds.

We took are cross of Headband that was Loompa’s Headband BX hit to the Purple Erkel X Headband cut we had. We found a good male from that, and hit it to an outstanding Underdog X Candy Kush female. Both the mother And father plant are tall so if you veg her long you need head room. She dose stretch in flower to. Except her to finish in 8 to10 weeks. I have found that the longer flower time with her really packs on the weight and trichomes.

We also took the same male used in the HeadCandy and hit it to the Green Crack cut. The green Crack Cut grows short, so we wanted to give her more height and bush her out more. So the taller male made her a medium to tall plant. And we believe that Loompa’s headband gave the Green Crack more punch also. She also is an 8 to 10 week strain. Let this one cure the right way and clear your day because you will be down for the count.

Blood Rose
This was a cross I made from Riot’s seeds Blood Rose. Which if you read his description of it is a Flying Dutchmen's The Pure aka Skunk #1 and hit her with a Heath Robinson's Black Rose. Then we took a male of are Black Russian which is a Russian land race cut that was hit with Mr. Nice black widow male. We wanted to keep the name Blood Rose because of the cranberry red buds you get from her. She is an indica sativa mix with an 8 to 10 week finish. This is a good cross that you want for your collection. This was done with an open pollination and several males where used, so there are a wide range of pheno’s to hunt for.
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