Did anyone here increase rooting rate by adding more light intensity to unrooted cuts inside dome?

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Interesting. So you place the sensor in the actual tray between the cube holder and the catch tray? Is the sensor water proof? What about those that have heat mats that use ambient temps to control on/off since they don't have a movable probe?
yep. i think it is waterproof, never had a pb
thats the one i use

i used to do it without the thermostat, only a 15min timer and laser temp gun. worked fine.
a bit less "set and forget".


Light makes photosynthate. Blue light creates cytokinin dominance by oxidizing auxin. Warm dark periods send photosynthate to the roots. Cytokinin + photosynthate makes them grow. In other words. Put your clones in the veg room, directly in soil, and treat them like vegging plants. All the gadgetry and wasted time in Cannabis growing is just that. Take 2 nodes. Dip in rooting microbes. The first node will be consumed then roots will form fine colonized hairs.

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