Did I make my Cannabis Infused Coconut oil too strong????

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I decarbed some chronic today and infused it into Coconut Oil the recipe said use 1/4 oz (7g) per half cup of Coconut oil. So Instead of doing that I used 1 and a half Cups of Coconut oil and instead of using 21g I out in 40g of Bud, 75g of Trim and 5g of Hash Oil. If my math is correct there should be about 14792.11mg of THC in here or and around 206mg of THC per Teaspoon 5ml. I based it on the mixed of bud, trim and oil being 17% and accounted for loss while decarboxylating. If I splits it I to 200 even servings they should be around 50mg each. Could be way high or way lower I have no idea I'm making a batch of gummies tomorrow and having 2 people test them for me because I'd rather then get way way way way to high or not high at all then me do that, plus it's some free gummies for them to try so I don't fell like I'm going to die.


You can warm the oil up to get it liquid and put a drop or 2 under your tongue. You can judge how potent it is
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